Feeling stuck on the spiritual journey? Time to calibrate your compass & Find True North Soul…

Eclipse season confronts us with new levels of authentic living, which means change. In our human experience the very notion of change is typically characterized by fear or discomfort (referencing the past or older limited self) with a dash of elation (knowings of soul which feel amazing and call us) on the consciousness journey. When we feel stuck or confused on the consciousness journey it is a signal to pause, review what lens we are using and re-calibrate to our true self. Your unique GPS is your Soul and inner wisdom, which once connected to can then be used as a magnetic tractor beam to walk your path authentically. This is the process of finding your True North, your true self and using it to then calibrate your compass and create a map, a game plan, a strategy for navigating the New Earth Paradigm. It all starts within…

Welcome to the next level! This is a multi-dimensional orienteering process where we claim our coordinates as we find ourselves, consciously choosing our point of view which becomes a new center of gravity as well. Imagine getting dropped into dense woods with your compass and trying to find where North is in order to navigate your way through the thickness. It may be hard to see in these woods and there could also be a lot of distracting background noise which pulls us into fear of the unknown. In these times we are to light a fire of concentration in the mind and link it to our heart to open the process of deep listening to find True North inside. The direction of North symbolizes our soul path in life as spiritual beings having a human experience. Our beliefs are changing, we are remembering how to call our power and energy back from where we unconsciously let it leak. With expansion of conscious awareness comes new key decisions, new codes to take action or make changes in our direction. Certain key choice points on the path ask us to re-define our reality from the inside out by listening to our inner promptings, trusting the guidance constantly being offered by our own unique North Star, an individual divine blueprint.
On Earth the orienteering process requires us to calibrate our compass to True North by aligning the field magnetics in order to navigate with clarity and a trustworthy, authentic sense of direction. Our tools must be calibrated in order to work properly, and we have each come here with multiple coordinates to activate.

There are human ego programs of feeling small, confused, stuck, afraid or frozen when presented with choice points on the journey.These are energetic doorways presenting options to gift you opportunities to expand consciousness and entire life beyond the old limited forms. At Divine DNA Blueprint we are here to share tools to bridge the human with the divine aspects and have a balanced approach to conscious living. To share what wisdom we have gleaned on the journey and support your process of getting stabilized and thriving in the higher realms through the physical experience. This is the ascension incension journey, a holographic awakening to the natures of reality and our place in these dimensions which is determined or built by our intent and focus.

I created an ebook made with love for you to support your discovery of True North. This is a free/gifted navigation guide sharing the most powerful systems for expanding our self-knowingness, inner transformation with memory trigger like clues to activate soul yearnings, divine purpose or mission as well.

Download your free guidebook here

These are the ancient wisdom codes which supported me the most during various dark nights of the soul or moments of confusion and feeling lost. Remember, all who wander are not lost <3

I picked my 5 favorite systems to build self awareness to share with you!

Sending so many Eclipse Blessings!!
In loving service,
Merissa Indigo


Want to watch the video version? Here is a video sharing more about discovering your True North


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