March 12th, ’21 = 333



Since March 1st 2021 the Completion codes and Freedom codes have been coming in strong, like a Lion.
We integrate the inner-realizations of the Root & Sacral Chakra work of February with the Diamond and Ruby Ray upgrades/purification/release to trinitize this pure power and raise it into the Soular Plexus Chakra to master Divine Will.
The story and emotions stored as trauma in the pain body and thus locked into these chakras had to be upgraded and purified in order for the next step, Divine Sovereignty and exercising Divine Will as a conscious Lightbeing here and now on Gaia.
This is the Christos Sophia Avatar level of conscious awareness.
Here are some key words which came through to activate this Gold Ray energy:
Solar plexus
Solar flares
Pure goodwill, godly good gold
Gold andaras
Gold topaz
Divine will, Divine Sovereignty
Christos Sophia/Christ Consciousness
The New Moon in Pisces on Saturday 3.13.21 is inviting us to survey the entire inner landscape (thoughts, beliefs, attachments, ideologies, emotions, trauma patterns, anything which holds us apart from true peace and happiness) and release all which stands in the way of our authenticity/destiny/sense of connection/empowerment/satisfaction or our next moves in life. For example, beliefs about unworthiness can block our success or creativity (also seeing the correlation here of the chakras, beliefs held in each, and why this purification process is so crucial at this time.) NOW is the time to do the inner work so we can all create from an authentic, whole place and bring this energy into the world. This is how we heal ourselves to heal the world, by doing what it takes to no longer react/carry/respond from wounding or trauma fragments, but as a whole, loving, and free being. One by one we are doing the work of world peace.
The process of purification/integration of our Divine Will center/Soular Plexus Nebula Chakra through shadow work or taking inventory of what is no longer relevant can be summarized as this:
Start with sacral, then root, now solar plexus activation to act/think/live/be/share in divine will alignment. This is the Tapas of Yoga, where we purify the mind, body and spirit to embody the light of the soul into our physical body. Sit and meditate upon each chakra and see what is held in there. See the old, welcome the new. Write it down. Have a burn ceremony if you like to alchemize the energies of purification by burning the old away.
Sunbathe, drink organic oj, eat organic oranges & tangerines to integrate the Gold Ray through your body.
Completion codes of Root & Sacral chakras with Piscean New Moon activate a whole new layer of the Freedom codes as our organic ascension process of graduation to Pure Crystalline Will of the Soular Plexus Chakra.
This is our initiation to embody our humanity as the Golden Race, our collective divine destiny. Each and every soul realizes in divine timing that all are divinely sovereign beings here. These codes are very deep and powerful.
The Golden ray 333 codes affirm our worthiness/preciousness at the most raw core levels of our being, should we accept with gratitude and grace. This is the embodiment of the Pure Holy Child aspect.
If you accept say aloud into the spacetime fabric around you, weave the truth of your loving power and wisdom into your fields, declaring to the Cosmic Courts of Equity: YES I accept and thank you for this divine gift of providence, the truth of our sacred solar beingness. I AM ONE of the Golden Race.
Lightbody Prana Yoga Ritual to embody this:
Go outside into the sun, or if weather does not permit this stand in front of a candle, or imagine golden yellow sunlight shining on and through you.
Stand with feet rooted into New Earth and arms spread out to the sides like the DaVinci’s Vitruvian man. 5 pointed Human StarLight Being posture.
Gently arch your upper back slightly, reaching your chest upwards, breathe deeply in to stretch your chest and collarbones wide with your arms out and reaching to the sides as this 5 pointed star, breathing this activation of the Golden Ray of the Christos Sophia union with Divine Will into your chest, heart, higher heart and entire body. See the golden waves washing over your entire body and fields.
Say yes, thank you so much. I accept and embody these Golden ray divine energies of the highest pure light of Source Creator. I humbly accept this opportunity to step into my divine sovereignty as a free being of love here on Gaia, I accept and allow my Golden Race DNA activation to be complete NOW.
Breathe through this, this can be very emotional as the Christos Sophia crystalline light activates your Golden Race DNA. Old beliefs of unworthiness and lack will arise and be purified.
Welcome Home.


In loving service,
Merissa Indigo

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