Being on the road and gridworking has shifted quite a bit for me lately. These last few months have been a non stop adventure as we traveled to sacred sites like Joshua Tree, Sedona and Mount Shasta, before then driving through three states consecutively as part of our relocation. The call to action as a gatekeeper and gridworker has been immense as we were called to re-visit sacred sites and portals to re-establish a whole new current of frequency band down and through. I was guided to connect from the inside out at these places to re-code and secure my territory so to speak. It is hard to convey in words as they are limiting or evoke different meanings for each of us but this is the best way for me to relay this. As a gridworker my assignment has spread to the entire West Coast, a few states inwards from there and up the Pacific Northwest to Canada border.

As IMMENSE amount of re-wiring has taken place as I have connected to Gaia from a new space within. Anchoring the Crystalline 5d and up New Earth codes through my body, heart, soul and mind to then carry these codes within myself and my DNA everywhere.

We have done ceremonial gridwork with Gaia, the crystalline grids and 5d plus dimensions as usual. But what is new is this impromptu internal gridwork to meet each experience too in the moment. This recent discovery shares the overlay of all the grids and how they intersect, and how our lightbodies/nervous systems play a part in this as well.  It is a whole new level of how all this energy and information is absorbed and how it effects every layer of our being.

The entire ether about is full of grids, from those of the planet, those of outer space planets/stars/asteroids/nebulae, the current electrical and internet grid systems, plus those of human consciousness, animal consciousness, and so forth. All of creation is interconnected in a giant web of various grids, of which are multitudes of frequency bands. This beautiful spider web globe I found in nature on a hike recently is a truly beautiful grid and provides a wonderful visual to start to get a mental picture of what the grids look like, how they bend and are a living consciousness of electrical pulses or waves of information.

For this piece of gridworking I AM sharing some interesting observations live from in the field so to speak as I experience these new awarenesses, learn new systems and can verbalize tips for adventuresome integration. Everything keeps shifting as I AM shifted/shifting. This is dense as I was guided to just blurt it out and leave it up to the individual to work with this as is appropriate. Injoy and happy gridworking! πŸ™‚

I have become increasingly aware of the need to completely feel into the grids of any space…

I have become increasingly aware of the need to completely feel into the grids of any space and not only that but observe how it is digested through every part of me: mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually is there a reaction etc. Our relationship with them is circumstantial, the intent is also circumstantial based upon what we are doing in the moment in relation to the grids wherever we are. Keep in mind that there are so many layers of grid! There are hundreds of heart streams of people in their own collective grid frequencies that you can feel through like a song in the air. High and low frequency emotions and consciousness.
Then there are the artificial grids created by the municipal systems for electricity, Wi-Fi, resources et cetera. Then there are those of the land itself in the modern age and those of the land itself in the ancient days, and then those of the grid itself in the higher dimensional access points of 5D and above crystalline New Earth layer templates.

I have found that being on the road in travel is a different experience than that of data day commute like travel or errands’s. We have a habitual groundwork laid within connecting our lightbody nervous system in our usual spaces already from routine.

It is also very different from re location.

For our relocation I have had to bring the entire grid system and all of its layers as mentioned in examples above through my body, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and psychically, elementally and so on.  Also observing how my biology and different strands of my DNA react if at all, to a space. In order to merge with a space and optimize our energy circuitry and alignment with the highest frequencies of any given space, we have to plug in to all the different layers and existence in all of the different dimensional or frequency bandwidths of energy stream. Let them run through us so that we can understand them from the inside out . This helps us to activate and adapt to our surroundings, it is light body technology. Then once we understand from the inside the space that we are in, the organisms with in it, and so much more, we can begin to bring in the balancing components necessary to optimize our existence in that space.

This has been my experience as a grid worker the last month. It has been very remarkable now to relocate and put in roots in a new place in this Now with all there is going on. Feeling the hesitancy of the roots to ground in until they have more of an inner knowing of the area, the culture, the land and all of the spirits and timelines and dimensions running through any given space or place.
In instances such as this you can see how the light body eventually connects in with the limbic system in an entirely new way. You can observe the mammalian or somatic response to stress, new stimulae or trauma in the moment, and also pinpoint the connections of relevancy for yourself, how it expresses through your emotions, words, thoughts et cetera.
From there for me personally it has been a lot of inner child work to affirm security and safety in a physical unknown.

Once in a state of inner quiet and receptivity, our guidance system or energy GPS will facilitate actions et cetera by guiding us in the moment to what is in alignment. You can also affirm this alignment and being led by your higher self on a daily basis, especially when on the road traveling adventuring gridworking or upon relocation. Every inch traveled Has some information.

Self-care is no longer optional. Stretching, yoga, quiet time, singing, dancing, nature time, hot baths or showers, skeltal shaking or qi gong are all incredibly helpful to move energy as it is a lot on a daily basis. Daily movement or mindful energy re-direction of some sort is super crucial each day to have a more comfortable experience mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Reiki, qi gong, decrees, sunbathing. SO many ways to keep moving the prana and aligning the field. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just that you listen and move it through. It is important to honor the entirety of our being to integrate and to honor our nervous system light body soul matrix system ALL the time. This level of self-care is not optional. The body is the  Ultimate live stream bio feedback instrument. It is highly refined and there is no time like the Now, an exciting time to begin to explore and innerstand whole new levels of our natural, inherent capabilities and function.

Happy gridworking and establishing profound, beautiful and soothing connections from the inside out. We are the ultimate broadband, linking it all up in unity through our consciousness and DNA. Kind of amazing to feel and consciously invite this experience to become more of a new normal.


In loving service,


Merissa Indigo




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