December 2021 Codes

12 collapses into 3 (1+2=3) Soul Trinity. Codes of Crystalline Temples. Lately all I see is beautiful crystal cities, temples and palaces. The
Build out of December is sourced from the internal shifting, a total and complete rewrite. The Lunar eclipse ripped off all bandages covering the story, the heart’s true desires and the soul’s pure fire. Its gnarly holy fire that burns up all bs, smallness, sabotage.
The incoming Solar/Soular eclipse will provide more keys to the infinity loop mirror system which is living in a body. Its a quantum holographic biofeedback system in live time which shows us the relationship between inner geometry and outer manifestation. In other words, what we create either consciously or unconsciously is painfully obvious now. The Valley of the shadow of death journey of transcendence leads us into the Crystalline Temples of our Inner Sanctum in due time, in tandem with our genuine efforts. The Effulgent Light of God.
Inner clarity, peace and authentic self knowing/gnosis are codes with which to program/broadcast a whole new, higher aligned life based upon the energetic signature magnetics of pure soul. Not story, not generational trauma, not programming but the Ancient Ones alignment. Where to place focus and energy, what and how to build, entirely new visions or blueprints will come forth from the potent cellular Akashic detox we experienced from the Lunar eclipse. Its a lot to unpack and we will continue to unravel and make space for the new and true for the next 6 months. Collaboration, partnering and building the new as the old fabrications and distortions wither.
The soular invites us to shine with our newfound sense of self. Simple, pure, happy, heart of a child. The Kryst child, the deepest core heart innocence and beingness.
More to come as we unpack it.

In loving service
Merissa Indigo Miracles


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