Light Encoded Lexicon: Our language evolves as we do

As our journey of consciousness continues to take us into new territories and our identities continue to develop and expand, it is totally natural for us to begin to form our own words to more accurately describe our experience/perception/intention/process. At a certain point we realize the need to revise current colloquialisms, idioms, and all phrasing of the old reality, replacing them with energetically aligned or light-encoded phrases, suffixes and so forth to support the creation of your current and future realities. The root Lexis in lexicon means language, and the prefix Lex means law. So our language becomes an energetic law when used with intention in multiple dimensions of creation. Since English is a universal language and my native tongue, this is specifically what we will be reviewing in this article. We will be comparing and contrasting 3D and 5D, limits and infinite potential, linear and quantum here through linguistics.
Quantum mechanics of existence are non-linear and unlimited, expressed in waves and particles of varying frequency. It is holistic rather than separate and collated. So as we awaken and establish more sovereignty within from all systems of control or limiting beliefs, we need to find a language to match! As we reach for, discover, and embody more photonic light, which is consciousness (think E=MC squared) we also need to adjust our language and verbiage as a system to match to include more light.
So what is light-encoded language? It is any language that is higher in divine love frequency, whether native to Gaia Terra or extraterrestrial too. The galactic languages of light are more tonal and musical in frequency, and the communication/transmission is a soulful comprehension, more of a right-brain experience of receiving frequencies and translating them into emotion, visuals, geometric patterns, and more. A fun experiment to explore the power of Earth-based language for yourself and learn to assess the vibrational quality or frequency of words is to write down a list of words and see how you feel about them. Which sound and feel more loving, light-hearted, fun, inclusive, liberating, exciting, harmonious and ultimately, resonant with YOU? Any words that make you feel good, pleasant, peaceful, loving or “high” as far as heightened states of bliss are high-frequency, light-encoded words.


The notion of creating our own higher vibrational version of English by re-arranging words first presented to my awareness about 5 years ago. My dear friend who is an inventor and visionary shared the term “innerstand,” which he used instead of understand. If we break apart the word understand, you begin to see the construct of control implied: UNDER an implied authority you stand. The up-leveling of this word to “inner” changes the energy dynamic/ frequency of this word completely from one of submission, hierarchy/social order, external authority or less than (all 3D constructs) to one of inner knowingness, abundance and sovereignty (all 5D principles.) This initial experience totally hit home. It made quite an impression and left me so excited for all of us to create and share a new high-frequency language and idiomatic expressions to empower and inspire one another. Changing the words to match sovereignty, the fluid divine creation instead of constraints/boxes/limits, we are evolving out of the language system put into place by false matrix systems of domination and control.
Teacher and wayshower Sandra Walter uses “kindwhile” instead of meanwhile in her writings. My mentor, ascension guide wayshower Lisa Transcendence Brown uses “We” instead of I in her teaching because each individual is a unique collective unity consciousness of individual, soul, monad, galactic, and prime creator source aspects. My first light-encoded word came to me last week: “being coming” instead of becoming. In this process I witness, acknowledge, and give thanks for my beingness and my becoming this. So I came up with the word “being coming” to describe this transitional process of embodiment of the higher self. For me, it accurately describes a perpetual state of arrival; the process of consistently transcending in the moment, capturing my/our journey of evolution as a being that is consistently being made into creation consciously in each moment. You are being, and you are stepping into what is coming AND it is all in the now collapsing in, hence the -ing.



Sociopolitical assessment of 3D based language communication systems

Modern 3D English language is linear and very conceptually limiting in terms of energetic expression. English words are a 3D system to quantify and collect data, which is all very boxlike in formation. For example, the English language has a consistently indoctrinated system of definitions/rules that we have to learn in school, most of which have been predetermined by the conquering factions who created these same languages as a control system, the ruling parties whose customs and language we were forced to adapt to as slaves aeons ago. English itself is a botched surgery hybrid of Germanic Old English, French/other Romance languages like Latin, and Sanskrit to name a few. Each of these languages is beautiful on its own, but cut-and-pasting phonetics and other garbled bits has created a Frankensteinian babble with no room for quantum shifts. A great parable for the use of the English language as a system of confusion, domination, and thus control would be the story of Babel/babble. The English language is the epitome of Babel. As an English major in college I felt for anyone who had to learn English as a second language, as the rules are all madness compared to other languages. I studied Spanish, French and Sanskrit intensely and they are very different from English in both sound current, open-ended comprehension and application. English is rigidly defined from a left brain creation point, while other languages that are made of only one language (every other language but English to my knowledge) convey an idea more loosely open to translation, more spatial right brain poetic.


In my research of cymatics (the relationship between visible sound patterns and vibrational frequency) the oldest languages currently known to have the highest resonant healing frequencies are Sanskrit and Hebrew. These languages specifically have been recorded actually producing sacred geometric patterns in sand. Ancient Mayan, Polynesian, Native American, African, Australian and ALL other indigenous languages also have pure resonant frequencies; if you notice, they all sound like light language. They also are hard to research/details are not readily accessible for scholastic or cultural understanding. Notice they are not the mainstream universal tongues and are in fact the languages of the oppressed, which as all things is for a very specific reason; the imposition of limits/matrix control systems. I am not sure about those from the Asiatic countries as they did not come up in my research. I suggest researching these. The few original indigenous languages that we have access to are the only holy and organic sound technologies we have in the current era.
Languages also have evolved to mirror the environment around us as we are in symbiotic co-creative existence with the external reality. For example, the Inuit indigenous have 300 words for snow. As we unify and embody more creator aspects within we begin to realize that the external reality is molded by the internal landscape, so our inner experience and perceptions will mold our external reality like the lucid plasma dream quantum soup that it is from a quantum mechanics perspective. And so again, we return to the increase of light within our atomic cells, bodies, hearts, and minds seeking higher expression through our language systems.

It has been said by so many wise people and sacred texts throughout history that words are spells or curses of the heart and soul spoken aloud. In Genesis, The Word came first. As one speaks, so shall one be. Speak it and it is. This is the essence of conscious creation and becomes a massive responsibility to wield mindfully as we learn to honor our words and utter our speech carefully, coming from high integrity creative spaces instead of negative or destructive old world karmic realities. These ancient teachings are so numbed down they have become intangible at first view, until we start to feel the need to create change in our language to share and describe our journey, our life, our light. So for those of us who speak English as our primary language communication system we transform our reality by the words we use. This is my first language and is my reference point for this entire piece, but this innate desire to evolve linguistic expression will be true for all language systems. As we traverse into higher planes of consciousness and live in them daily as a practice we can create our own light-encoded lexicon to better communicate newer leading-edge thought, innerstanding, interconnectivity, unity and consciousness to share with one another. With our new light lexicon we transcend limiting beliefs and systems by anchoring in the higher realities of abundance, sovereignty, sacred respect, joy, and health. This is heaven on Earth, or New Earth, which we are actively building now as a collective through language too. <3


Merissa Indigo


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