Hello and welcome to October!

If we were to choose one word to describe all the dynamics present, it would be Whammo!

Massive month of potential break throughs, quantum leaps, much momentum forward into your ideal as real life and the map to get there. True north is your soul. We repeat, TRUE NORTH is your Soul. True north is connecting with and listening to your Soul. Each is responsible for meeting their authentic self. Timeline shifts and clearing all the while at the same time. Our connection and ability to know self at energy levels as energy being becomes more and more physically obvious. It is important to remember to check in with your self often now, even daily to watch your creations, and see which lens of perception is being used to navigate, ensure it is the aligned and unified higher perspective. Our egos may be on the rampage with judgement, frustration, projection, looping criticism. Have compassion for self and other. Tired children act out this way in their own way of asking for stabilization/boundaries to let go and rest. Many of us have never really rested, always on edge in the matrix. Check in with your nervous system and self care, reprogram it. Self care is panacea as it builds self connection, self awareness, self intimacy.

The Scales of Libra, Codes of Lady Justice

The vastness of this energetic can be summarized in the libra scales of balance. We are gifted so much and also so much is asked of us to continue to clarify ourselves and qualify everything with our highest light. Anything inauthentic either experienced/observed from outside or internally in our own responses/reactivity will make us feel very separate from our joy or peace. The energy wants to show us, to guide us to navigate this and we have to learn how to trust ourselves. We feel the energetic frequencies of discord more now, innerstanding how to differentiate it from harmony is the course. Think of ugly noises like sirens, distortion in heavy metal, vs birds singing or piano, or flute music. Discord feels like toxic waste, harmony feels like heaven. Feel see this to navigate and know. Harmony is the word file, the energy, the seed packet to focus on as a pattern to organically allow all to re-set in our life in divine perfection. We invite harmony into all aspects of our being both personally, professionally, relationally, with self and other too. We embody these feelings of harmony, inviting them into our cells to re-set all the codes, stories, fields. We have trillions of cells, each with a receptor site. So we have trillions of potential portals which we can activate through intention, invitation, affirmation.

The ultimate consciousness experiment experience as a spiritual being having a human physical reality interface

Remember we are here in this grand ascension incension experience to observe, to learn, explore and make informed decisions which honor self and other. Mystic visitors in a galactic lab experiment experience of consciousness. Alternate emotions with Presence as an observer. Study the patterns between harmony and discord as they arise in daily life in the mind and external reality too. This is to support our building a catalogue of knowledge to know what is or is not aligned through feeling the quality or essence of it, to determine is it an appropriate use of energy, a connection or collaboration and so on. In discord We may even feel sick or yucky as a very obvious guidance guiding us AWAY from something and to return to the fields of oneness within inner knowingness gnosis. This is feeling more sensitized to living in the new paradigm as an energy being with constant biofeedback, messages to stop something or re-route our course. Course corrections, like we are navigating Fjords and listen to the Waters to know our next move. Learning from Water as a master teacher will show you a lot, how to support balance and harmony in life from the elemental levels to the cosmic divine levels. With all these gifts comes tough love because we are graduating again, uplevelling again and the reminder to pay attention from a place of peace within. Observer consciousness. We have a video about how to process and create this space of divine neutrality for you to brush up if desired.
We are seeing an intense magnification inviting us to be more conscientious of thoughts and words than ever before. The creator beings in action is accessible so we must be mindful and heartful of our creations through thoughts, words, actions, speech. Karma comes heavy to those with ill will, laziness, engage in co-dependence or power over/power under dynamics, who restrict or hold negativity. If we are stubborn and still allowing ego to rule, not trusting our best friend higher self wisdom guidance, the 2x4s get redundant to whack a mole the programming out from the unconscious, into the conscious and then to be properly released. We are all going through the re-write process, we can go willingly in a state of presence or allow our egos to be dragged to ascension. Stay calm and continue steadily at a pace appropriate for a marathon, with care. Rushing is based in fear.
Doesn’t matter how you get there, its your pace, your soul journey and you have plenty of room to expand in a natural way. We are all learning, this is consciousness school, there is no wrong way but there are easier or harsher routes. We are here to show routes that are effective and focused.

Creator Being, Master Builder Codes

Invitation to mastery of our words and thoughts now as they are very powerful and we must have integrity, mindfulness, a practice to clear the mind and connect to higher self higher power source God universe daily to ensure we are in authentic self mode.
Identify a strong connection to our highest or most unified self, what it feels like and focus on the frequency of our own song

Astrology of the month, Polarity to Unity

Dualism shows up here massively as part of the Libra energies and with the numerology. Are we at one with soul or separated off with ego? Soul meets body, no longer are we separated in actuality, only in the programming of mind, emotions which then projects out and re-creates separation like a knee jerk trauma response. Return to the fields of oneness. The wisdoms of being the ocean and the droplet at the same time, the individual and the universal symphony, or flowing between these states to source equilibrium. Duality is necessary to find unity, we learn and experience recall through an electromagnetic matrix system in the physical reality. Knowing the parts shows us how to build from wholeness.
This is also to prepare us for the hall or mirrors of 11 to come in November along with the Portal of Shiva from 11:11 to 11:22.
When we have enough light to hold non resistance for longer and longer periods, it all dissolves easily with grace and we can quantum jump with presence and ease. You will notice self and others physically glowing with the light of consciousness in the sunlight and in the dark at night too.

Owl medicine totem came through strongly for us this month. Bringing through messages of silent wisdom, keen sight, discernment, strategy, patience, focus, presence, activating more of the clairs, deep listening, silent process of focus, the magician or alchemist, shining in the dark, abundance, clear vision in light or dark, we are developing higher cognitive abilities of ESP HSP.
Our psychic gifts and abilities are easier to access now, more can be activated. For those willing to do the work, much is offered. The key is connection and inner stillness, silence. Disciplined mind jedi training.

Divine language of numbers. Numerology of the 10, 0, 1…Binary codex of creation

Starting with the essences of 10. Death and rebirth. Totally complete, what needs to be surgically removed with precision from our consciousness, habits and lifestyle. It is palpable now and cannot be swept under the rug for later. Some can
It’s intense.
The ten is threefold in its teachings: the ten itself meaning true total completion throughout our body and life. The big lessons reviewed and learned where we can put down the old baggage finally with gratitude and create space for faster/higher energies to create with. Basically anything that is not loving or kind to self or other. We realize it is necessary now to move forward and must choose trust over fear, not to fear change or the unknown, connecting daily at first until this stabilization roots in you. To hold on to toxicity in any form burns and poisons us. This will be seen in people in various forms of decline, the light cannot anchor in a vehicle with density in it. The light of your Soul doesn’t care if you have resistance, we are getting mega doses of light now to prepare for the wormholes, and when we hold density within us it crystallizes as blocked energy and we become ill. All shamans have some kind of threat to their body, it’s the biggie wake up call. We must clear through the support of our soul, our cells and DNA. Epigenetics, ancestral clearing, on both Terran and Galactic levels. Only the aligned is allowed to come. Intense shamanic rebirth times. Focus as spiritual beings is releasing the fear by asking guidance, connecting with your councils, listening and exploring what you want the new to be for self and other, expanding vision to be open to seeing more of what could be, what it all feels like from a unified place when we imagine the most amazing wonderfilled dream realities.

The codes of number 1: A fixed point for creation

The 1 is a form of the beginning from the perspective of a fixed point or coordinate: a seed, the point of creation, the bindu, making a choice point to stream prima materia into a form you see and desire to have in physical form. We make a decision to hold precision in our laser focus on the path, on love, peace, high integrity, beauty, creation, perfect health, fun, respect, presence and sacred community, New Earth. One foot in front of the other on a path and calling in tribe, opening up to receive inspiration, asking for action steps, taking action and committing to a self care practice, being supportive of self and others, establishing boundaries as necessary, welcoming all the new from a loving kind space because this is OUR creation and we can trust it, we get to write the songs of Unity Consciousness. The one is genesis, 1st spark of energy, independent of outside influences, its new beginnings, pioneership, divine masculine in action, leadership, innovation, establishing distinct self awareness, making informed decisions and focus based upon destiny. So full of creative energy we must tune in to where to place it all, including existing and new visions, projects, businesses, creative endeavors, partnerships, art and so on. 1 is the I AM of Humanity.

The codes of the number zero, infinite zero point potential, creative energy

We are remembering how to function being connected to ALL as energy beings in physical form. The zero is everything, the entire cycles of creation at various rates of spin. Zero point, prima materia, divine mother, quantum energy, dark matter, plasma, infinite ocean, the expanse of potential to create with. Important not to get stuck at any point on the ring and LOOP unconsciously, but to continue to check in and be aware of any sorts of stagnancy. You’ll know when you’re in brackish water, you’ll feel it.

Being in physical We get a big view of both sides of everything which is a LOT of information to process, especially when you consider that now light or information or consciousness must be digested throughout the entire physical body and all energy bodies too, not just the mind in a linear equation format. We cannot think our way out of this, must feel into it and use the mind only for calculations from the pure moment without influence of past or future pull. Sore or stiff necks and low back pain show us where the stories are held, where we can explore feeling more supported and start to claim that, start to build that. Spirit reminds us that we are the conduits so we must use our hands, our voices for things. Stretching, walking in nature, lightbody prana yoga, dance, swimming, tai qi gung to move the energy and connect with it more deeply as an energy being in physical form.
Give yourself time and space for self care daily to ride this. Even 5 minutes to breathe, take a short walk outside or lay down for 17 minutes to fully shut down your system, regenerate and then come back online.
Both Great and rough experiences to shake us up. Enlivening like a theme park. Some rides scare you but then you remember in some part of you that its just a ride.

De-stabilization of linear mind in zero point, converting to quantum consciousness

We are learning zero point, our linear minds are being destabilized by all the magnetics and so we have to stabilize ourselves daily to then stabilize reality about us. How do we stabilize? Firstly Have you done any revocations yet to clear your life? Start from a cleared space, clear in your intent, cleared as a sovereign at soul level from all systems, clear on who you are, why you are here. A daily clearing of releasing or shedding from the mental, emotional, physical and energetic bodies, all to be emptied into Soul I AM presence and feel the lovelight pouring through you. We sit here with a candle inviting the sacred fire and pour everything out which feels like shit, til its done. Til we are restored back into the inner sanctum, the crystalline temples of your divine energetic signature. With consistency more releases over time and this becomes instantaneous. You know by how you feel, and we must embrace being FEELERS again and feeling our bodies, elementals, energy, in tandem with our thoughts, emotions, words. Once emptied, Then reprogram with affirmations.

It’s time for mastery on all levels, to remain conscious

This is energy mastery. We have to construct the fields mindfully or risk auto pilot and forgetting, then experiencing bucking currents, karmic timelines. When we go unconscious the reality gets dropped to the extent which you must be resurfaced into awareness and presence again.
At this time paying attention and being aware will support us as a compass to navigate around storms, rough currents or fog too. But we have to listen deeply and sometimes tell the linear mind to stfu, Instead feeling deeply into what is before us to see. The Jedi meant it when they said they could feel the Force and any disturbances within it, because they honed their feeler spidey senses. Tai Qi Gung masters, Shamans and Gatekeepers know this. To then feel our response to it all cellular and all levels of our being, all the bodies, as waves crash into each other.
We feel Shockwaves of energy constantly whether we are consciously aware of this or not as they bounce from sources ranging from the cosmos, solar activity to radios and collective levels of consciousness, essentially OCEANS of thoughts. We live in a quantum soup and it is a lot of information.
Wishing you all an amazing month of expansion and clear sight! Gratitude is the key to soften and continue expansion.

In loving service,

Merissa Indigo

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