“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.”

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”



*This list is a basic or initial invitation to thought provoking material, the goal of which is to help assist the masses who are held captive by the banking systems, the slave debt systems, the 9 to 5 complexes, to awaken from the slumber/manipulation/trauma/crises/fight or flight/mind control or the spell put upon us all to enslave us by the “they” or “them” the 1% of the 1% who have held all the money and dangled it to keep us plowing, which would have us believe we are nothing, kept us backed into a corner in fear for our very survival, kept us sick, placed bets on our livelihood with the insurance industry, brainwashed us to believe that there is not enough, that we have no rights, and that all which exists in life is making money to pay off debts/bills, being sick, being unhappy, not having enough time or money to pursue happiness, being too busy and then dying. This system of service to self corruption and enslavement is meeting a dissolution point and it is up to each of us to claim our love, our peace, our time, our energy, our sovereignty back for ourselves, our children and our planet.*


in love and freedom for all by the grace of the divine Mother and Holy father, the Sophia Christos within each of us, our soul, the true source of all of creation in infinite loving abundance and infinite potential.


Matrix 1, 2 & 3 2000+ -Excellent to understand the nature of the illusory world (and the existence of other dimensions,) that which the ancient Vedic sages called “Maya” or the illusions created by the 5 senses, freedom of choice, AI, being a conscious creator of our life instead of being controlled.

1984 Released in 1984 -film adaptation of George Orwell’s 1945 hauntingly prophetic novel concerning the masses migrated into totalitarianism (groupthink, Political propaganda, big brother, altering history, invasive surveillance, lack of freedom, destroyed nuclear family, “fact checking” 2+2=5 mind control)

Soylent Green 1973 –“green party sustainability” through cannibalism. interesting when we think of McDonald’s recycled fetal “mystery meats” and plastic parts in their “food” products.

equilibrium 2002 -humans in the future take drugs injected into their necks/vagus nerve to not feel and therefore “prevent” war or other calamities “caused” by uncontrolled human emotion. no art, no feelings, no music, no books, no free thinking until one man makes a choice to return to humanity and liberate himself and thus all.

V for Vendetta 2006 -virus released in UK around 2020 destroys all basic human rights, police state, fascism, civil war, liberating self of mindcontrol from the inside via mindfulness. A rebel and his protégé free the masses.

Minority Report 2002 -Government using precognitives to view the future timelines and control society, history, all through technology. Research yellow box program timeline manipulation technology on Andrew Bartzis.

Fahrenheit 451 1966 original- film adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s dystopian novel about a society which does not allow books, reading, etc. Firemen are employed to destroy all books until one day a man is inspired to change it all by a little girl who loves books.

Zeitgeist 1, 2 & 3 2007 -Complete history of the 13 cable families in control of the globalist banks (who are also the royals, politicians, most celebrities etc), ties in mythology and world religion, quantum physics, global mind control through sociopolitical grooming, also shares depopulist agendas like Agenda 2020/ the georgia Guidestones, GMOS/codex Alimentarius and teaches mindfulness, meditation and unplugging as a cog in a wheel of the machine to become a free being.

Avatar 2000 -Invites us to explore the alienation we have all experienced through generational trauma which removed us from our natural world/spiritual practices/tribal customs/food source/one another through “society,” the lack of connection and vast potential of a sacred connection throughout all of creation, domination and service to self themes vs pure presence and unity consciousness, aka native vs conqueror dynamics.


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