Navigate to exit 4d October 2022

Navigate to exit 4d October 2022

“The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.”

― Omar Khayyám

Who is Pluto? Welcome to the visceral wisdom offerings of Pluto

Pluto is the planet which is the furthest away from Earth and is the smallest in our solar system. Yet despite its physical stature it radiates a massive presence. This planetary body is so small and far away that for mainstream scientists it has “lost” its official title as a planet.

The origin stories of Pluto in Vedic astrology from ancient India are attributed to the writings of the mystic rishi sage Maharishi Parasara. The evolutionary energies of Pluto were documented by him several thousand years before it and other outer planets were even visible to astronomers. Named after the mythological masculine lords of the underworld (there were ladies of the underworld first before the gods took over) Hades or Pluto. Hades means “invisible” or “to make invisible.”

This planet was formally discovered by the Western world in early 1930 by a farm boy from Kansas named Clyde Tombaugh, an amateur astronomer. The 1930s were a tumultuous period of post-industrial collapse with economic depression and rising fascism. These themes are energies which define the depths and concentration of power associated with Pluto. Even dynamite comes in small packages.

Pluto represents our relationship to the cycles of life and death and the process of transformation as a whole. It is pure primal instinct and the raw elemental forces of nature and power. Whether we are ready or not, Pluto visits us periodically to dig deep into our subconscious and then rise high as the Phoenix. With a confronting bluntness Pluto bestows gifts of clarity to see next level requirements for regeneration, followed by potent initiations to accept what it takes to embrace the evolutionary journey of our soul, and then act.

Pluto is the ancient planetary consciousness of major transformation and soul evolution, represented by the organic cycles of death and rebirth. It is the force of evolution credited with the intense ground crew levels of subconscious investigation, detective probing and psychological archaeology. We are encouraged to witness our mess, find it all sacred, and once processed it transform the essence into fertilizer to move on to higher levels. Energies of the positive potential behind break downs and break throughs, choice points on the path. We can either fear these cycles or start to co-create with them and enjoy the process as Alchemists of consciousness. Break on through to the Other side. Breaking down the old to make room for the new. Pluto carries the most profound wisdom codes for us to examine our reality and gifts us the awareness/focus/discipline/courage to pick up the tools and then construct with newfound empowerment if we are willing to keep going. Pluto teaches us mastery level awareness about power and control, surveying over our relationships/perceptions/experiences with authority figures and leadership to teach us pure personal powerful from wholeness rather than distortion.

Pluto direct: Codes of astrology help us plot our course

Pluto went direct on October 8th 2022 after going retrograde on April 25th (coincidentally it went retrograde on my birthday.) Pluto is the cosmic guide for both individual and collective experiences of soul evolution. There are many layers to soul or sol level experiences so when we say this is intense, we definitely mean it through feeling the tower moments personally multiple times on the journey. This is deep and honest work which we may initially fear as it invites into uncomfortable levels of accountability, change, speaking up, ending patterns and stepping up too. In truth the only thing to fear is fear itself, so we start to spark up our courage and warriors of love memories to enter phases of the shadows and beyond the shallows, bravely, positively, in fidelity to the focus of love and pure expansion.

Returning back now to the many layers we have of Soul level consciousness; we have Soul from individual level expanding out to the galaxies and Beyond the Beyond. We have a process of knowing our individual soul, then our soul groups like nuclear family, onward to ancestry lineages, out to country, monads of the various levels of our consciousness from unconscious to supreme, then collectives based upon birth year/quarter century etc.

The evolutionary forces of Pluto are an intensely magnetic draw, pulling our attention to become witness to what remains to be cleared. This is a very blunt energy, a direct insight into our developing exit strategy and shows us what is required to reach the exit door. Surrendering what we have been shown to leave behind, which is no longer necessary, relevant or worth the energy.
We are halfway across the bridge and the water is gushing loudly beneath the bridge below us. A lot of emotion, energy which is meant to be in motion and has been trapped within layers of tissue and story is ready to be witnessed to then transform into the New, into greater authenticity.
This energy can bring up a LOT of the deeper darker psychology to support release and heightened states of being.
Addiction to substances, people, circumstances, food, conditions or awareness of these can arise. We are asked to persist diligently in the process of releasing states of separation, states of emotional being that loop in subtly addictive subconscious fear patterns like anger or hatred. Must release all shards of pain which separated us in story only. The option to choose being a demon or being an angel in how we focus our energy, what we focus upon.

There can be emotional pain brought up which is so strong it can feel like Mortal pain. All arises to be seen with love and released. Typically these are deep layers of grief or shame from childhood where we were told stories about being “bad” coming up and out from our bodies.
This is the ultimate 4d clearing, being in between the heaven and hell realms, the final count down to enter 5d with a lighter, light hearted load.
Lots of old story rises here.
We may go down to rock bottom levels of self judgement, feeling those strong emotions of shame, grief, abandonment, betrayal or being unworthy due to making mistakes or being “bad” in moments of unconsciousness.
This is the judgement mentioned in classical religion, except that instead of some outside being condemning us, WE do it to ourselves. Internalized masochism and abuse from the systems where we unconsciously adopted these energies and self-inflicted them to stay safe and small. Each must come to witness states before a jury of the I AM and forgive themselves, extending unconditional love, compassion and tenderness to the judgements we may have made against ourselves or others.
Pain body plays a huge role in this process too. The physical body now starts to react to all the layers of distortion held within the tissues, organs and systems from prolonged negative thoughtforms. Every emotion will manifest as pain, discomfort, aches, misaligned spine or more serious accidents to wake us and shake us or even dis-ease type maladies.

Physical body also acts as the filter to all information. We are discovering a new dimension collectively now of how the physical body actually works. It is the greatest divine design of spirit into form, the temple for the soul.
The collectives are remembering a New understanding of energy, energy bodies and the inter-relational dichotomy of quantum mechanics: the physical realms bonding with energetic dimensions as the blueprint. These are the teachings of the origins of disease which is what the mystics have held for us in the libraries of Vedic wisdom and Eastern mysticism as some examples.
The origin of all suffering on any levels is Discord. This is an unconscious pattern of holding a discordant or distorted frequency thread which is not adding to harmony of being. Some examples of where we get caught up can be mental, emotional, physical, spiritual or soul attachments, conditions energetically or in relation to any person, situation, circumstance or condition.

The battle program can be a persistent theme right now as we ping pong back and forth inside, experiencing an existential bipolar contrast of heaven and hell, open heart one with in love/gratitude or all closed heart alone and bitter. We can have moments of bliss, gratitude, oneness and freedom only to sink back down into the seas of density and amnesia to experience internal unrest, anger, judgement, impatience or frustration, hopelessness or powerlessness. We sway the pendulum between unity and separation in these 4d mechanics of navigation until we can hold the center. Finding a new center of gravity.

Our Soul is floating into the body now. As spirit merges with matter much uprooting can occur which can feel disorienting, scary and very emotional for our human ego because it senses it is loosing its grip. In truth the ego is losing its grip for the Soul to now be in the driver’s seat. This depth of unconscious death urge can feel like a battle to the death, because it is, though not literally. This is a symbolic shamanic death. It is the fight of our lives symbolically speaking so we can activate the next level of our being and life to live consciously with awareness and unconditional love at Soul level. This is the internal boxing ring of the psyche and emotions for the process of self-realization to anchor. The spirit appears to descend into the body because of the higher frequency, but really it is emerging from a quantum depth within us which we are new to touching in this life.

The amounts of photonic light from the Photon belt combined with all of the geomagnetic storms from the Sun impact the magnetosphere. The poles are exaggerated on all levels. Duality screams more loudly in the 3d and 4d to steer us into a unified center and thus enter New Earth, the unified field. Mental destabilization occurs with this as we are electromagnetic beings. Mental instability or at least what we would perceive to be such. These are entirely New ways of thinking, New levels of seeing plus access to the deepest oceans of feeling and increased awareness. Alice in Wonderland type lucid realities.
Is it insanity or is it entirely new synapses being made. Were we insane before in the matrix, believing that money was more important than anything, that our time and energy were not ours, that we deserved scraps? That is now fading. Stockholm syndrome is real until it passes. It passes more quickly when we are mindful of balancing what frightens us or is uncomfortable/intense with what brings us immense joy, peace, gratitude. Make it a conscious daily practice to bring these qualities into your day to balance the swings. Fill your cup in the morning to prepare your ship for whatever the seas may have in the realities around you. In the world not of the world takes preparation, affirmation, configuring your fields to set up the day.

How to thrive in these times of quantum theme park

We must be spiritually grounded and have an established connection with our higher self Soul, our energy and the organic energy of the planet, elementals and nature.
It is becoming incrementally important to “have a grip on New Earth,” be spiritually grounded, have an array of tools handy, use multiple frames of reference, talk deeply with others to process together, spend lots of time out in nature, rituals with fire and water to purify, symbolism of baptism by holy fire or holy water
Bring in the Earth for stability, grounding, feeling solid and rooted, bathing your fields/breath/body with Emerald Ray greenery, animals and fairies or devas. The pure spirits of nature are here to nurture us through this birthing process.
We do all of this with nature, mother grandmother Gaia nature is our church
The elements are our guardian teachers.

Wishing you an amazing ride on this magic carpet!

In loving service,

Merissa Indigo Miracles


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