Part 1 ~Codes of the November 2021 Partial Lunar Eclipse Taurus Scorpio Axis

This eclipse occurred at 12:57am (12:12) pst on November 19th, 2021 and will surely be one to go down in history. The longest partial lunar eclipse in 580 years at 6 hours and 2 minutes. 

Sun in Scorpio and moon in Taurus. A great deal of digging in our heels when it comes to letting go of something big when our gut says it is time. Experiencing an inner tug of war between the old and new story, resistance of the human ego and a review of habitual or deeply engrained judgements of self, also where we took on others’ stories as our own through the projections of family, society Part 2~etc. The combination of physical or tangible energetic clearing/assessing value/higher economy codes of Taurus clashes deep soul archaeological digs of ALL basements and storage houses of the psyche detective/investigations of Scorpio, all intended for our Resurrection, the Phoenix codes. Even a sense of physical pain as the old story loses power, shrivels up and dissolves. Trusting the support of the divine and our soul to assist us, guide us through the caves into a new land. ALL this in “Stormy weather” as Mars & Uranus face off too. When the moon totally obscures the sun and we are left in the dark, what do we see? 

Up is now Down, it is disorienting AF as the storm swirls and no logical or linear thinking is actually possible while the mind tries to grasp and maybe even control. The invitation to trust an entirely new alignment can be daunting and push all of our alert buttons (ego resists while body-heart-soul matrix say YES). This fear comes from referencing the past trauma rather than feeling into (how the heart knows its a yes) whatever needs to be dissolved to be replaced with a whole higher octave.

Just because something is familiar to us does not mean it serves. It is so important to do a thorough assessment or survey of our lives to align with our authentic truth and light of our higher self/soul.  What is our value? Enter Venus who just moved into Capricorn, a sign who works hard and expects to see results and perfection. The ego wants to see it a certain way, and that has to go too. 


Part 2 ~Eclipse Portal codes~Resurrection of the Christed Magical Child ~DNA Baseflipping the Rainbow Bridge


If we so choose our sacred yes this Eclipse corridor between November 19th and December 4th 2021 can be a portal to quantum leaps within our lives, gifting us the expansion of our deepest dreams and visions for Life. The gateway to this portal is the sacred yes to keep going forward and digging deeper to lighten the dense piles of dust. Working for it is the greatest symbiotic holy covenant with the Miracle Realms. This is a process of conscious release and soul alchemy in the ever-expanding journey for authenticity and unity consciousness. Remember the treasure is buried deep in the dark and we need to travel sacred caves to get to these treasures. This is soul excavation, a simplification of identity to a pure, unique essence of Being.

In comes the Ruby Ray and Rainbow Bridge & Baseflipping our DNA pairs… 


Getting down to the bare core of our coeur we arrive at DNA encoded programs, ancestral karma, family karma, possibly past lives as well. Each experience engrained polarity or duality and created definitions/limits which then solidified to become our HUman (divine light in form) programming. At the core is the archetypal angelic aspect, also known as the mystical child, divine child, magical child, wounded child and also the Christ child. Heart of a child, the most pure and vulnerable part our of journey. An amazing complement to our Sacred Elder or Medicine Keeper aspect, which many feel more comfortable with as a lead aspect guide. 

The invitation here is to honestly review any childhood wounds, traumas, memories or beliefs which are not supportive. ALL of them. Write them down and burn them. Have a funeral too. I did and dressed up in all black with a skeleton shirt to become Yama, the god of Death, and as this consciousness read my own “signing off” letter to that life. Black candle or any candle, write it all out and say thank you, I am done now, I love you. And burn them in a safe vessel or fireplace. Affirm your liberation and celebrate with Gratitude and Grace. You know it by the deep peace, and it will continue to bloom into permanence with the right nuturance. The andara photos here will support this too through the frequency bands of color and also the lightcodes captured in their fractals/expressions with the sunlight. The Ruby Ray with Rainbows and the Shekina Lilac and Pink will clear out distortion while holding us in the arms of the Divine Mother. We are safe, loved and worthy.

Practice compassion for little selves and practice a quantum reiki, soul retrieval or holographic energy re-alignment type of clearing. Whatever resonates with you and feels supportive and cleansing, do it with love and gratitude. Abstain from judgement. This process supports our dissolving the very delicate petals close to the innermost heart. These are some of our oldest or Original Woundings like betrayal, abandonment, judgement or neglect. Where we hold walls up to protect ourselves. Letting our light enter these sacred spaces, allowjng love into these parts is palpable and wonderful beyond words. We are healing and soothing the Originals of the pain or suffering codes to restore ourselves into a levity, a liberation where we float inside our own bodies on clouds of peace, stillness, joy and kinnectivity. The amounts of space felt within are unknowable until felt throughout. We had no idea how much space these inner storms and battles took up. Making more room within for light and then feeling the light is the ultimate multidimensional, hyper sensory bliss. 

 It is divine.

It leads us into the Holy Christed Child codes. The activations of Surrender and Forgiveness while held in the arms of Divine Mother restores another flame within. Amplifies a new template from base DNA pairs and flips the codons from self-destructive entrainment to the self-loving, rainbow Christ Child: deep peace, magic, creativity, wonder, wisdom, love, inner stability and pure power. We turn off the source switch for a lot of error programming and switch circuitry to Divine Motherboard codes so the entire interface switches to a whole new frequency of access. Not only are we in a new density or dimension, we also have to remember that building happens from the inside out, not the outside in. It takes what it takes for the internal restructuring to then connect to the lightbody merkaba on a new level and then have raised magnetics and gravity for our creating or building. Focus and consistency with a pure and grateful heart are amplifiers of desired result. 

The intention for this update was to share some of the astrology, the archetypes present and the lightcodes I received the last few weeks in this window. These lightcodes are so big that the best transmission is to share these as keycode words as a “file” for your own deconstruction/activation and journey, and also share these photos of these incredible andara lightbeings that arrived TODAY to support this. 

Thank you Lois at Golden Activations for these incredible beings to support the transmissions of information of light, beyond the physical!


Wishing you an amazing journey of self discovery, profound wholeness, freedom and happiness. 


In loving service, 

Merissa Indigo Miracles









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