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Inner peace is an inside job

It is already halfway through this most outrageous and expansive year. If 2020 has taught us anything thus far, it is that peace and stability is an inside job. Holding peace and stability during magnanimous shifts and changes can only be sustainable when built from the inside. This has become painfully obvious to some who have had their entire lives turned upside down and inside out by a global lockdown, shifts with family/friends, and the dissolution of outdated systems. Collectively we are feeling the need to claim our power and take it into our own hands as the old systems do not serve our needs any longer. We desire connection, divine sovereignty, abundance, harmony and peace for all of creation.

Insert the power of ritual. In ancient times, rituals were a way that we communed with the divine directly, taking inspired action to elicit changes in our lives, send healing love to another, or ask for help during times of difficulty. In the modern age many of us are disconnected from our ancient roots, so I encourage you to explore your unique ancestry and see which rituals your ancient ancestors performed in times of uncertainty. This will be a very powerful aide to your prayers.  If you do not already know what your ancestors did for ritual, know that you can do anything with presence and a focused intention and it is the very definition of ritual.

In modern mainstream culture some examples of rituals are birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduation, milestones of achievement (firsts like first car, first apartment or home, first job etc,) holidays and the changing of the seasons.

What we see missing from the mainstream culture are sacred rituals for some of our deeper emotional and spiritual experiences. Major transitions like divorce can feel like a death. Death itself is a huge rite of passage for those who have crossed over, and while there is sorrow for us left here on this side we can still have rituals like wakes, funerals and celebrations of life to commemorate those who have crossed over. We can seek higher understanding and the ability to let go of the old to then celebrate the unknown through ritual. This mindfully spins change into a pleasant light for our life experience. With perceived loss and major shifts you could consider doing a grief ritual to mourn this and to feel it to let it go, and then another one where you focus on the gratitude, lessons and eagerness for the new energy coming into your life. Closing one chapter to open a new page or door. We must close down one energy to let in a new one.

An important key  to embodying the stability and thus gaining the renewed connection from any ritual can be summarized in this: ritual can be anything pleasing you do with self and others consistently. Practicing rituals is not as esoteric or spiritually intangible as it can sound. You probably take part in a lot more rituals than you have thought of before. Examples are taking nature walks as a meditation to decompress and express appreciation for beauty. Going bowling on the same day each month. Taking a bath for self care at the end of the week. Summer camping trips.  Sunday brunch with the family. Notice these are all patterns of interactions which are consistent, they are unifying and pleasurable when in the presence of soul tribe/soul family. They add a sense of balance to our overall quality of life. If you have any ritual gatherings or any events which feel unpleasant due to others being negative/toxic, consider being more discerning and protective of your energy and where you share it. 

Shift happens

Today, ritual is more important than ever. For me and many of my close friends it is a vital necessity to preserving our stability, our sense of contribution to our life, to the world at large and our local communities. It can be as simple as lighting a candle to pray for a friend, a part of our community, our planet for example. Or it can be as elaborate as you like too. If you feel the need to go all out right now with a more focused practice of mindful energy/environment cleansing as therapy, google Vastu Shastra or Feng Shui. Sometimes we need a good physical re-arrangement to feel aligned with our current psychological/emotional/spiritual arrangement πŸ˜›

It really just depends on what you feel is needed. I say to my clients yes, this ritual practice is a very powerful placebo on some levels. But this does not discredit it’s power to create a palpable sense of peace, courage, trust and love. At this point in the game if doing something makes you feel connected, provides a sense of relief, trust, peace, safety or fulfillment and it is not harming anyone then I say go for it with gusto, within reason of course. It is all about the energy you hold in your heart right now. This amount of empowerment is doubled when we share rituals with our family, friends, communities and so forth as we all collectively weave our prayers and intentions together in a positive light. This is the most powerful form of magic we have right now as angelic humans in form, a means of embodying our prayers, wishes, our very highest DNA energies and energetic potential for co-creation. The entire globe requests an influx of peace and light in times of turbulence. You can contribute with just the scratch of your match as you mindfully light a candle in prayer for peace and love. A great example of measurable results would be the 4.4.4(2020) global meditations we partook in by the millions this year. Unified  in the One Heart together with intentions of world peace and unconditional love we actually affected the Schumann Resonance of the planet with our collective soul light unified in prayer, and you can see the amazing influx of the photonic light which was measured on the day after the meditations, April 5th. Read more here


Why ritual?

Rituals can lend us an immensely supportive energy when we feel like we need some help, strength, have questions or are seeking clarity, find ourselves at a major crossroads in life, need confirmation for something, and soooo much more.  Here are some great examples where doing rituals can be very empowering and supportive, providing us with relief and a sense of co-operative participation in our life experience. 

Major life changes/transitions

release the old life, lifestyle, or identity

to rebirth yourself and bring in the new




needing a new job, purpose, or inspiration



To contribute something in times of turbulence or chaos

offer energy to those suffering or in need

natural disasters


healing and love for the planet, all of nature, the kingdoms (animal, plant, mineral, elemental)

your community

any populace needing loving support


Cosmic Opportunities to practice rituals

There are grandiose events taking place in the cosmos on nearly a daily basis now. We can actually work with the incoming photonic light energies (evident in the major shifts happening here on the planet) in conscious ways to feel inspired, know we are guided by our soul and even to feel physically energized. Here are some great examples of powerful gateways to align with and empower our goals, wishes, intentions and dreams for ourselves and all of creation:

Cosmic Events: 

New & Full Moon




Galactic Gateways: 

Alignment with the Galactic Center

Entering the Photon belt


Meteor Showers


Sacred space

If you do not already have an altar, consider creating one now. The power of intentional space set aside for prayer and healing cannot be exaggerated here. It can be a section of a counter you keep clear from clutter and arrange a few objects and a candle upon with mindful intention, or the top of a dresser that will not be disturbed, a corner piece of furniture, or even a nightstand. Use what you already have. Add a special seashell, a crystal, fresh picked flowers, some mementos from dear friends, and a candle, and there you have it. Easy and simple. You can add images of saints, sages, your favorite teachers, family members and ancestors, ascended masters, angels and more onto your altar to connect to higher sources of energy when you do not feel them within. This disconnection can be from stress, changes, fear, feeling drained, or intense circumstances which make your peace feel threatened for example.

This is a picture of my current altar. As you can see it is covered in goodies, all of which I have accumulated over the years from friends, clients, artists and craftspeople, my daughter and Gaia.


Simple rituals

Create an altar to have a physical connection in your home or whatever space to connect to the divine and to use for rituals

vision board

lighting candles for a prayer or focused intention


New moon: release the old and seed new intentions, dreams, goals 

Full moon: increase the gratitude for what you currently have in place, feeling momentum build up

How did your ancestors connect and communicate on deeper levels with the divine?


Its all about energy now


If you are learning how to feel better, happier and healthier right now, consider adding ritual to your self care regimen. Your alignment mentally, emotionally and physically with your highest self is the priority in order to adapt and thrive in these times. Trust yourself with this as a practice. Use whatever mediums you feel drawn to. Candles, flowers, pictures, incense, prayer beads, feathers, oracle cards, mantra. Use your senses to truly embody this sacred practice to surf these shifts. When you feel the need for support, for strength, to re-connect with your inner magic, engage in a ritual. Harmonize with the shifts through experiencing, observing, and clearing energetically so nothing gets stuck and weighs you down. The shift is going to continue to happen and we can learn to trust the ride with consistent sacred practices. Using practices like ritual as a sacred communion is a keycode to learn to trust ourselves again to navigate uncharted territories. This is the ascension embodiment practice to enhance our awakening journey; shifting from fear of the unknown as a belief system to mindfully adopting gratitude for the infinite creative potential we are presented with on a daily basis as the new belief system.  This is the mastery skill or the ability to embrace our journey and expect it to feel good, because we create our experience.


These are the times to use our tools to ensure our inner harmony. Consistent commitment builds our peace and happiness over time. Sending you all the bliss of embodiment as I feel it, care bear style.

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Blessings and Cosmic Grace,

Merissa Indigo






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