The spider messengers first visited us in July. It was the peak heat of summer this year, the kind of intense heat that stretches mercilessly from early morning to sunset and forces you indoors, a hermit refugee surrendering to shelter from the relentless Sun. Tired of the thick air weighing us down for nearly a week, sick of being shut ins with cabin fever that agitated our primal wildling natures, one of my beloved friends and I could no longer bear to ignore the call of the outside world, and we decided to brave a night walk an hour after sunset.

Breathless with giddiness at being outside and seeing the sky, we walked and gabbed for hours. Expecting magical encounters with flora, fauna, and the fae as our norm, our experience defied our projected requests to encounter the strange, even for the mystics inside us who interpret multiple levels of meaning to everything brought into the spheres of our perceived universe. We encountered dozens of spider webs consistently throughout our walk, in places both expected and unexpected. This gradually transitioned to  seemingly impossible encounters with webs where it did not make sense for them to be, as if there were no webs at all, but something else.

At first it was normal; a caress on the cheek here, a barely perceptible tug on the arm there. I remarked how amazing the spider people are to weave their intricate gossamer geometrics at such speed and perfection so rapidly after the sun set. I admired their architectural mastery, not to mention their resourcefulness at creating their own source material. Then it began to happen so often that we began to grow a little uncomfortable. Not scared, but unable to deny their message being more important than our power stride through the burbs.

After walking on the sides of the street under trees and through various landscaped plant life and getting caught or caressed by the webs to the point of paranoia about spiders in our hair, we finally moved our trajectory to the middle of the street hoping to avoid them and the pause/cellphone flashlight body scans for spiders that was interrupting our flow, but to no avail. Their persistence made me question their existence even more; what was the message behind their presentation to us?

How can we walk through spider webs in the middle of the street, especially when there are no trees or posts for them to anchor from neither above or along side us? My query was matched almost instantly when I started to see concentric circles, portals or veils that we were passing through in the dark each time we hit a web, or rather a web hit us. There was no denying some kind of connection with the gridwork, or portal jumping, something! I mused aloud to my friend. We then proceeded to talk about another of our favorite topics; intergalactics and our starseed experiences.

Once home and left alone to my incessant mental meanderings, I began to envision the grids of Gaia, the space time fabric, and then the spiderwebs. They sure look alike! I sat to meditate upon the crystalline liquid plasma all around us. Then I realized, the spider web is a physical manifestation of the ethereal matrix weaving of our universe. When we look at the spider totem, the mythology associated with the spider and her web throughout time and space and galactic history, these coordinates all contribute to the Terran star map home to Self, the journey home to truth. Take Ariadne’s thread as your lifeline on your journey back to center, weaving past the monsters in the labyrinth; the ultimate alchemy of ego Self with soul Self and then merging in divine union with the Other too, two as one. Oh, and don’t get caught in the false webs! There are multiple grids from multiple sources, and they can look similar but they feel very different based upon their programming/purpose/intent i.e who made them. I believe the transmission I received here was to see the architecture of the grids from the AI false matrix programmers, not get caught up in them, and then bypass their mundane systems to travel higher up to the divine matrix or matrices of the divine/primordial source weavers. Climb the ladder of lights to the truth of our Origins, as human beings of mystical Origins, and ultimately our divine sovereignty to claim here and now our ability to choose our creations, our realities.

Here are some codes and keywords if you wish to explore the intricacies of the spider and webs on many dimensions. See what you find: Spider totem information, spider mythology, Spider-Woman star woman alphabet, Ariadne’s thread, the webs of the Matrix and planetary/dimensional grid systems, the interstitial web of our own body that has a consciousness and provides either pain responses in blocked energy or stagnant Chi, or pleasure and fluidity in vibrancy and circulation. 

I have been waiting to write this blog since July because I asked the universe for the perfect visual, a real life example for me to photograph and share to demonstrate how spider webs are our material realm manifested example of the grid work systems of multidimensionality. What are the Ethereal webs that hold the plasmas of time space in continuum? I asked. And I received answers.
Spider webs presented themselves everywhere I went! And they showed off, teaching me even more about setting up our own grids with all of our emotions, intentions, dreams, and goals. Work smarter, not harder said the spider who re-wove a web nightly over the lavender bush in the garden so strategically as to catch multiple bees a day. She did this for two whole weeks, and every morning I marveled at her ingenuity and her abundance.

On the nature trails or in the botanic garden I would catch a shimmering glimpse of a web from the side that caught the sunlight at the most odd of angles, letting me understand the subtlety of dimensions and also our perception. If I hadn’t looked just the right way, it was invisible! This highlighted our need to play and be creative/flexible in our approaches to obstacles, reminding me that what the linear mind finds to be absurd is actually the genius frequency transmissions, the breadcrumbs to guide us like a lucid Alice in Wonderland type of dreamweave. To find a new solution, guidance or answers all we may need to do is turn our head 3 degrees to the left and bend sideways to the right.

The webs appeared all around my house, the garden, outside our bedroom window, the garage door, my car side mirror, and even inside my car. This went on for about 5 weeks! There was no denying that these arachnid messengers had downloads for me that I could not ignore, and I also could not wait to share. 

And yet each time I tried to snap a photo of one of these appearances to share with you specifically for this written blog, they would never appear on capture! Saturation, contrast, angles, it did not matter. The messages were for me alone at that time, so I surrendered to this and did my best to absorb the data. This entire prolonged initiatory experience was validation of my estimation that spider webs are our physical link, a symbolic material link to the Ethereal which surrounds us, and thus they are elusive to capture, until they are not. Kind of like fairies.

I finally got this shot early one morning a few weeks ago. You can see the suspensions and foundational support strands put in place, how the grid builds upon itself from there in layers to become a gauzy, flexible but strong netting. Patience paid off with extra unexpected beauty gifted by the universe! I was thrilled that the image, which I feel is the most perfect illustration of the threads of space time made physical, were also highlighted with water droplet jewels to remind us of the crystalline purity of soul and the source of all creation. A reminder of the perfection of nature and of the pure love that is unity consciousness. So here we are! Happy weaving for your beautiful, consciously designed reality 💗 


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