Another massive reset opportunity since the 2.22.22!!! These invitations to zero-point living are now a constant so we can adopt a new practice, a new way of life each moment. This is stabilizing in our higher truth and pure love, wisdom, power and grace EACH moment. We truly have access to 5d, 7d crystalline frequencies all the time and have the last few years as they envelope us, it is just a matter of having an open heart and quiet mind to tune in.
For zero point, zero degrees Aries on the Spring Equinox.
Trust deeply and take a risk which reflects the heart’s and soul’s call at this time, while ensuring that this perceived “risk” comes from soul and higher self essence, not Ego. Assess the frequency, qualify in your Sacred Ask or prayer/meditation to feel in and to ensure it is the highest outcome, expression, 
Realize we are not entitled to anything and simultaneously have the access through the heart gate to ALL. We must be the ones, no one can do this or give it to us. There is nothing we cannot be, do or share but the Way is through the humble servant of the Heart.
To access such potent fertility in the zero-point field, nay to even enter this field requires humility, gratitude and surrender constantly.
This is a process of embodying our inner Shining One, returning to Love and expressing this Love ceaselessly without fear, barriers or abandon.
Saturn says keep climbing up the mountain, up the seemingly treacherous narrow pass and only a few sips of water left
Faith and Grit will sustain us through this birth canal.
Pluto says Surrender control! Be willing to let the Ego die again and again for the soul to stream through our minds, our words, our projects and connections more easily each day. WE are not victims, we are masters being formed from lumps of coal to diamonds in this pressure and darkness/inability to see. The demons scream loudly to clamor for our attention, energy and power through media and all the smoke and mirrors (More Neptune in Pisces!) let them dwindle away and turn your back to them, focusing on the love you feel for humanity blooming out the heart every day, on connection and freedom for all, on the New Earth birthing through each of us. They are here doing their job to test our focus, faith and ability to listen deeply to the divine within; Its either the demons without or the divine within which we pledge our allegiance through our focus and energy. 
Determination to keep going while remaining equally committed to being flexible, open, listening to the energy everyday day, every moment to navigate this zero point space of being
Returning to authenticity in each breath.
Codes of integrity, sacred respect, boundaries and deep listening as Laws of Love.
Observing what you don’t want to see or accept is the medicine to release!
With all this Pisces and Neptune don’t fool yourself, your soul knows what must shift and is the guiding light Now and unto infinity.
We have spent weeks waiting for Mercury the Divine Messenger to bring us the Good News and he has been rowing to our homes through flooded streets with fog too impenetrable to see our address (Neptune in Pisces)
All this to support us building new bonds within to the higher realms, to our inner sight and extra sensor perceptions, wisdoms and faith.
To infinity and Beyond dear friends.
Bon Courage (French for have heart, faith and joy)
YOu are so loved and each beat of your heart instantly, easily builds the foundations for the New higher lovelight to anchor through more firmly here, through the body. Your Love and Faith is the firmament. 
In loving Service,
  Merissa Indigo Miracles

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