9.9 Completion Portal Energies for September 2020

    9.9 ComPLETION PORTAL 2020 cOMPLETE RE-WRITE OF YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS & FINAL STRETCH to access nEW eARTH tIMELINES   Welcome to the energies of the 9.9 completion portal!
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May 29, 2020

Diamantine, Diamond consciousness, DNA and Diamond Lightbody codes for Humanity

Diamantine/Diamond consciousness, DNA and Diamond Lightbody codes for Humanity started coming in after the May 26th full moon eclipse as gifts/invitations/initiations/activations of June. Diamantine means made from or reminiscent
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Welcome to the DREAMWEAVE: conscious co-creation with ancient dreamweaver technology & divine abilities

  The ultimate energetic network of everything ever created by each person in their mind, imagination, or aloud   What is the Dreamweave? It is the ultimate energetic network
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444 Energies Gateway Activation April 4th 2020 Christ Consciousness Coronation initiation & activated Dreamweaver roles

    Wow, these 444 codes came in swiftly and abruptly today 3/30/2020. I realized it was 4/4/4 this Saturday (also my two cats’ birthday) and started to tune
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2020 Energy Report: Kicking off a New Decade of Foresight through Higher Vision

  We all know that old saying, hindsight is 2020. In October I started thinking about 2020, 2020 vision, and how this new year is setting the bar wayyy
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Light Encoded Lexicon: Our language evolves as we do

    Light Encoded Lexicon: Our language evolves as we do As our journey of consciousness continues to take us into new territories and our identities continue to develop
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