Timeline Split 11.25 to 1.20, Quantum Holographic Mind Abilities Come Online Mercury Retrograde





Hi, everyone and welcome back.





Today we’re going to talk about mercury retrograde and how when we’re looking at this from a quantum holographic consciousness perspective, a mode or a lens of reality and working actively with what we are seeing and sensing, feeling, making sure that we are being humble to listen deeply. This actually is an amazing opportunity for us to live the quantum consciousness lifestyle from the mind and it’s a unified kind of mind.

Listen to the activation here on Youtube or proceed to the rest of the transcript below…

It’s a completely different brain, it’s the holographic brain, there’s much more of a quantum entanglement with this and you’re going to see how stop gapping is the word we’re hearing our linear process with these little hiccups that happen with mercury, little glitches, miscommunications, opportunities to do something over again. We are reviewing over. It’s a fin ning. There’s this mastery here of just being super aware and tuned in and just see what you’re seeing. What are you getting and work with this?



It’s so wonderful and wish you all an amazing holiday season, the time of gratitude and so much joy and light and abundance and sharing kindness.



So many opportunities like the miracle energies, it’s a very powerful time with so much magic and potential and it’s our joy and also divine mission to share that element of this time frame of this holiday season with others. Because depending on who you talk to, it’s a wonderful time or a hellish time. Right?


And yes, absolutely. There are always more opportunities, challenges and we’re starting to reframe what we mean when we say challenges. So it’s not something necessarily negative, it’s challenging, it can be uncomfortable or difficult.



But we start to look at that a necessary part of the science of expansion, the expansion of consciousness, we have to stretch and grow and it can be uncomfortable.


There can definitely be discomfort, things we don’t like or things not happening every way the way we want.



So there’s a great deal of surrender in this process. And I’ve seen a lot of challenges in strangers and friends and family and colleagues and I myself have had immense challenges also, but this is a new form of navigation to be with what is say, well, I don’t love this.

I would really appreciate this in the meantime. What can I do? What is within my power right now? What is aligned action? Show me universe? What do I do next or do I just rest right now and chill on it. Just very interactive.



Always asking and reaching and feeling and perceiving for the answers and it becomes a lot more relaxed, regardless of what’s going on. There’s always something that we have to adjust to or bring more TLC to and yet with all of this and with all of the challenges, we still have the opportunity to choose how we’re going to respond, how we’re going to work with the information ourselves, our value, our faith work with what is and keep the door open.



Just know that regardless of how things look or whatever may be challenging and difficult now or at any time, remember that there is always the potential for change, for expansion because it is our nature.



So things can change on a dime.




 So want to keep the door open, be with whatever, but keep the door open and that’s how you can do it holographic if you will.



And so it’s wonderful to assist others in getting into more positivity to balance out even if there are things that aren’t as pleasant. That’s OK. That happens. We go through these phases where times can be challenging for sure. But with that, there’s that counterbalancing element of the potential of grace and kindness, random acts of kindness, connecting with strange and really the opportunity to make someone’s day to be able to assist somebody in feeling good.

I mean, wow, that’s a huge gift to be able to be the one assisting someone or showing kindness to someone to be the giver. And the receiver of that is so special. So just want to celebrate this time was in the old calendar, old paradigm, the holiday season as they call it. It’s a wonderful reminder for us to prioritize the sacred and gratitude and kindness and self love and love for others as a lifestyle.

So these holidays, these themes can assist us to hold that magic all the time as a way of being. And that’s how we bring through heaven on earth and assist everyone, right? The rising tide raises all ships, right? So anyhow, just wanna celebrate that and share that because yeah, it can be a lot of both and it’s a choice. And anyway, I digress, I guess this is that the whole point of this Sagittarius and Mercury about to go retrograde y’all.

So I was going to come in here quickly and I went on a tangent. I just wanted to share the love and, and a little experience and philosophy with that too. Ok. So now the original intent for this message was to share and give you a heads up everybody. On November 25th, Mercury is going into shadow and it’s the 24th as I am sharing this, which is why I want to say happy Thanksgiving to everyone, all of that beautiful energy, the cornucopia, but I’m already feeling it.

So when mercury starts to go into shadow, this is the pre retrograde period and just know that there can be little bumps in the road and glitches and you may have to be extra thorough about your communication. Sometimes there are things that it takes a while. There’s glitches with computer systems or software systems to you know, mercury rules technology and communication through technology, like communications based technology, I should say, as well as travel and how our

brains receive information and digest the information. So you want to bring in that grounded and that stability and just know. Oh OK, like things may not be super smooth and it can be frustrating. Like I like to get things over with quickly and move on and have more fun, you know, with admin tasks and things like that and then you could have some hiccups.

So it’s just helpful to remember that. Oh yeah, this is just how the energies ripple through our lives. And I highly recommend if you haven’t watched it, my video all about mercury retrogrades. And so we’re in the shadow period right now starting on November 25th. Post retrograde shadow ends on January 20th. So you’re going to see now. Ok.

So we’re going to be an almost two months ish of mercury retrograde. The shadow starts on the 25th formally in retrograde December 13th to January 1st is what I’m seeing. Check out my video all about working with the higher octave of mercury because what this does is while there are interruptions, it’s actually kind of one of those pattern, disrupt supportive elements to help us re reset something actually like completely reboot something and open up.

So there’s a lot of amazing divine inspiration and creativity and innovation because it kind of puts a hold on normal linear functioning and those interruptions. At first, they could be frustrating because you just want to, you know, get from A to Z. But the point is that it is assisting us to see and be open to other routes other ways. So kind of like pulling our head up out of the weeds and looking around.

Oh my gosh, look at that like I never even oh I’ve been wondering about that now here it’s coming in. So you want to work with the higher octaves of the much more receptive and intuitive state of creativity and actually an ease into quantum consciousness, which is more is spiral shaped, it’s spiral shaped and like flowing liquid plasma stretching and flowing and contracting and expanding and moving around.

Almost. Like if you imagine how you’ve seen liquid move around spaceships in space when there’s no gravity, if you’ve ever seen liquid and how it moves around it turns into orbs and it moves very interestingly without gravity. So if you imagine that kind of movement of our process instead of direct straight arrow, you know A to Z and you can check out the activation here visually.

I’ve created some images and video to assist you in this process of starting to see how plasma moves much more circular and holographic and can take time too. So it’s, it’s all part of this pattern disrupt. So I just wanted to come in and send the holiday love and cheer to everyone out there and the light that is there for us in the darkness also when we have dark moments because it’s all sacred and all of these opportunities are assisting us.

And so the mercury retrograde period now again, just to repeat myself because I keep going off on tangents. And I apologize for that. This is how my brain is operating with mercury in Sagittarius right now. So it’s hysterical and it definitely is kind of spiraling and expanding and then coming back. So thank you for bearing with me the shadow period, formally November 25th and then it starts the real retrograde on December 13th to the first of January and goes out of GTO period

January 20th. So that’s quite an amount of time to have everything shifted with our perception and our functioning and our linearity. So enjoy this initiation into more quantum holographic based where you’re thinking, you’re feeling your way through, you’re feeling with your whole body, thinking with your whole body instead of just the brain trying to force like no, it has to be this way.

You have to soften and open and ask. OK. Well, this route isn’t really working right now. What do I need to do, do I keep going or should I put it down, go somewhere else, assist me and sometimes you do have to put it down and then you’ll come back and that’s what we talk about. The kind of circular process, the spiral process like I’ll circle back around to that.

Let me move on to the next task now. And you want to be really thorough in your communication to be really, really, really thorough and grounded. Make sure that you are clear, confirm that you understand and that someone understands you and you may have to say things in different words like this is how much this can really mess with in the best possible sense, like just shaking it out our functioning and our communication and our thought processes.

So enjoy the energies. Check out that podcast. It’ll tell you even more on how to work with this and how to really have fun with this instead of dreading it or giving our power away necessarily, you know, it’s here to shake shit up, but it’s always for us if we can lean into that. So thank you so much for being here with me and here we go.



So now with all of this information, let’s get into the energy of this. Let’s get into the feeling and the affirming part of the process of what we’ve discussed as we’re opening our consciousness to new ways, new inspirations, new information  


































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