💛🦁☀️🌑Today is the 1st of 4 major trinity gateways in December with the overarching golden trinity codes of the entire month. (3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th) 333 or 335 if we break down 12.3.2021, either a 9 or 11 ✨
9 -Greater circles merging
11 -more timelines crashing into zero point as waves of the 1111 continue to stitch and weave our story into higher authenticity, love and grace.
Any way we splice it the core is Golden baby! 🤗
Golden Christ Child rays are beaming through us. Golden cosmic solar christ activations with the Soular Rishi, the Kin Ahau solar beings, stewards of the solar ascension gates.
Lyrans, the Golden lions hold us, guard the preciousness inherent in the sanctity of all loving beings here on Earth. Assuring our security in loving tenderness they hold us in their great paws. Divine Law reigns surpreme.
We complete 9 months gestation since divine dispensation of the 333 codes in March 2021. Read that again! 🧬💛✨
9 months to carry ourselves through and now on this new moon total solar eclipse in Sagittarius we are reborn, we fly forward on rainbow bridges of Illumined truth, soaring quantum leaps on the sacred Archer’s bow into New Earth, into our dream world in the New Light. Into the future Now, which is here and now. Here in the now we Listen.
The squeeze of the birth canal was such a tight pressure that tons of deep inner core programs have been pinched out to the last drop for this phase of uplevel. Hard to breathe and the death urges so strong too with so much inner stretching through this rebirth phase, the ego lost its head, another one bites the dust as we shake off rust to reveal a new coat of codes, vestments of liquid lovelight.
In the dark under immense heat and pressure the diamonds are made from coal. Shine your light upon all your dreams and prayers, smile with gratitude in your heart and let us spark each other to rise tall from this old cycle of incarnational amnesia, to dream big, to sing loudly with joy that here and now on this 333 we are free. We can write it, sing it, ask and it will happen. Such is the song of divine creation when we allow it to stream through us and trust the currents of our life path as they shift and wind beyond sight or previous definitions of knowing, all we get is the feeling of a sacred yes as the kindling to continue on, heart torch blazing. This inner knowing is the gnosis, the divine GPS. When we trust it, we soar. When we trust we become the Singers of Songs 🎵 🎶 ✨, the sonic alchemist legacy writers of the Future now.
The unity songs pulse through our heart beat, making waves, ripples upon the space time fabric surrounding us. Our imprint capabilities upon the field through pure personal power is awesome and yes we are worthy, we worked for this!
The shackles of old patterns and habits of limitations dissolve from our ANKles without our conscious realizing in the moment because we have been in it soo long, releasing and re writing the dream since Earthbirth lifetimes ago that seemingly suddenly we are in a New Land. The body is new, sounds, smells, taste and vibrant sight is new, voice frequencies are new, creative expressions and soul callings shift to match the being coming into an amplified exploration as a spirit in a body. We can hear our soul song now and the throat longs to open and sing it, tone the heart truths outwards in sacred self soundbath.
The overnight success is a life long steady stride, created from the Shifts inside. We built it and “they” our higher self soul came to dwell. Suddenly we feel our steps grow lighter, energized with new direction as the golden crystalline plasma, an amber honey ambrosia from the solar cosmic Christ rays of galactic center- the very same with which we are aligned on this Solar Eclipse- rains neutrinos down to shake us, wake us up to more that we can be and become out from heart core.
Drink the honey nectar of the golden sun through your 3rd eye anytime you can pop your face into the glorious rays of the Sun. Lightfood is palpable now in nourishment as we watch it course through the optic nerve, brain stem, and into the nervous system and cells.
Trusting the arch, the course of flight anddd coordinates of Sagittarius’ sacred arrow 🏹 carrying us forward is the key 🔑 Our previous life was a series of the arrow pulling backwards until the tension was so great we thought we’d snap and indeed we did snap out of “it” (the old programs) to quantum leap into divine destiny. There is nothing to control, just keep letting go and enjoy the ride merrily merrily merrily merrily down the crystal stream.
Knowing we are already free and our new destination is New in all ways: pure ways, beautiful beyond imagination and free from the old story, no one can take our magic away from us ever again. We played that simulation to learn how powerful we are and to take our power back as well. Give thanks to all the role players, wave good bye and make room for more mastery to expand again. We can trust as the excited magical child explores treasures, and so too our hearts can be light and rejoice that heaven is here again, we are home. Enjoy the expansion of all these 3’s!! The last 9 months we have been reborn many times 🙏☀️🧬 Inhale, exhale, bow in thanks to divine YOU. You did it 🔥

In loving service,
Merissa Indigo Miracles


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