The ultimate energetic network of everything ever created by each person in their mind, imagination, or aloud


What is the Dreamweave? It is the ultimate energetic network of everything ever created by each person in their mind by thinking, using their imagination, or speaking aloud. This is similar to the Akasha as far as being an infinitely vast void of space where all has existed and does currently exist for potential creations and infinite potential creations and timelines on infinite planes/dimensions etc for each person. Every word, thought, emotion, prayer all goes here. There are individual bundle collections for each person, and then their family, community, and so on for every group, demographic, population, etc. Some of these strands go dormant as there is not enough energy placed upon them for them to move beyond limbo, others are magnanimous due to a concentration of focus and they transform into realities. Once born or created however, these strands are in existence forever.


Imagine the neural networks of our own brains, or the root systems of trees and plants to see what the unity consciousness and inter-connectivity, the INTRAnet of the Dreamweave looks like. It is a web, a grid, a matrix of sacred geometry based upon frequency at conception, meaning once born through a thought or other sort of active transmission.  Another great visual is the pensieve from Harry Potter. There are many of these bundles of frequencies: for the individual, for various dimensions of consciousness, collectives, lineages, societies en masse, and so forth. This is how we create realities, and doing this together is a powerful syncing of our divine abilities to create entirely new systems.

We have our own Dreamweave and we have ones we share with various collectives too.  Its like etheric energy smoke strands created instantly upon a thought, and then it will band together through electromagnetics to form structures with other thoughts to create entire realities. Its like a cell, building with other cells to form tissues, then organs and so on to create life. These are the infinite patterns, number sequences which create everything in existence. This is our destiny as divine conscious creators.  We have within our very cells the atomic energy which creates worlds, and we can do so together and alone as a sacred practice through Dreamweaving. 

The Dreamweave is the ability each and every one of us holds within to imagine, talk about, wonder about, ask and share our ideas for the most beautiful existences for everyone here on New Earth: abundance, self love, self worth, pure love, integrity, sacred respect and all that is unity from soul based consciousness.


Through the creative action of speech, thoughts, emotions, telepathy and wishes we weave our intentions with the universe itself. Each desire and thought is a prayer, a magnetic radio signal which resonates throughout all of creation once born.

We do this alone through our prayers, asks, mantras when we commune with the divine in private and in groups too. 

We do this together with best friends and closest mentors when we share our hopes, dreams, and deepest desires.

We do this at social gatherings with tribe from all walks of life; professional, casual, with strangers in passing too.

We share this with another in physical union with our beloved too when we align our intentions.

This is the individual and collective Dreamweave experience. We literally create entire matrices of realities through our concentrated, most prevalent thoughts and emotions. 

What will you do with this power? The gauntlet has been passed for us to step up as conscious creators who prioritize unity/mastery/love/christed frequencies over ego fears/smallness/lack. We are being presented with the opportunity to commit to a way of being that is in alignment with our highest self, our soul. Let’s build New Earth together from a truly high frequency, a wholistic perspective of unity consciousness, shining in unity and adventure as golden diamond lovelight.

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