The frequency of immunity is an understanding and embodiment of the mind, body, & spirit system functioning as a unified whole. This is a practiced art of living, an empirical science of applied wisdom for health and happiness.


Immunity means so many things depending upon what frame we use to analyze it. Lately it has an immediate association with our health, and perhaps other energies tagging on too then which beg exploration, as the topic of health has been popular the last few years in a whole new way. Our goal at Divine DNA Blueprint is to expand consciousness upon any given topic to the best of our ability, given the barriers of linear language, and to support the full and complete evolution for All into a full life of wellbeing and harmony with nature. In short we offer an inclusive, balanced lifestyle model as a code of BEing. So for the purpose of this article we wish to convey the concepts of physical immunity, spiritual immunity, sovereign immunity. In addition to sharing these ideas we support this current transitional journey we are now all on by demonstrating or sharing how to put these tools to actual use and into a realistic practice. 

As a part of our New Earth transition into a whole new, integrative way of life we discover new solutions and innovations to support each of us living in an authentic, natural state of harmony. This is our birthright to feel healthy, happy, strong and fulfilled, and the freedom to pursue our most lovely life with self and the world at large.

Here I share a perspective where the word immunity does not mean any one piece but all of it, the wholly whole sum of its parts…

This is a multi-dimensional invitation to review immunity as a frequency of being on all levels. This frequency is a state of being present and curious in each moment from a space of pure discovery. We are providing solutions for our physical, emotional, mental, and psychic health immunity. These are tools to support the inner connection to our own guidance as authority over any outside data or influence. This is the path of a sovereign being. There is so much to meditate upon, to feel into with this massive concept and to ask ourselves what do we truly believe, what makes us happy, and so on. 

We share self mastery through the wisdom of Ayurveda, energy clearing, superfood nutrition, enhancing your digestion and natural detox on all levels of BEing all from personal experience on the journey. This is the gift of knowledge for your empowerment to build within and share with your family, friends, pets and community. Applying this to the entire being we demonstrate the connection between physical digestion or detox and also mental, emotional, spiritual purifications too. This is a system to bring ALL of you into your life experience on a daily basis to feel truly nourished and whole. 

Learn how to strengthen your immunity, maintain inner peace, how to manage any presenting symptoms for your self/others, and how the lightbody ties into this, as well as how to maintain a strong, healthy and balanced lightbody too! Absorb a multi-dimensional understanding of symptoms as they present, and how they are a part of the ascension process/heart-opening/expansion of consciousness. Re-frame any of the chaos energies to an empowering practice of re-prioritizing what is important. This can all be achieved from deep listening: asking and meditating to receive the answers. Just this drop may be enough to sit with in deep reflection to survey your life and any potential shifts to come. To share more on this topic, here is a page from the intro of m new book sharing this wisdom to support your transformation…

An excerpt from my new book The Frequency of Immunity

“Pre 2020, life was routine as usual for the majority of us. Most of us were completely engaged in the previous system; fast paced lifestyle demands combined with constant notifications and pulls from technology. This created an environment for the majority of us in which our entire life was an endless task list. This was further compounded by the issue of our not having enough time to prioritize ourselves or to recuperate. In truth, we had to try to remember to think of ourselves and our needs.

After the Coronavirus shut down the majority of the entire globe in March 2020, the majority of us are now finding ourselves with more time on our hands or a crumbling of what was our normal life (work, school system, healthcare system, social activities etc) as well as being isolated at home, and a whole new list of worries and concerns, and questions about the unknown of it all.

Despite the unknown elements here and now, this is potentially one of the most incredible opportunities we have ever had at a global scale to take a moment and reconsider, re-prioritize our lives, and re-focus our energy. We have the opportunity in each moment to choose fear or faith right now. As we watch a system we once knew collapse before our very eyes, we have the opportunity to choose how to respond, how to take care, and how to be effective in these times.

Worry, panic and fear do not help anyone, and these emotions also tear down our immune systems too. When we are engaged in these lower frequency emotions we cannot think clearly enough to adapt, nor can we be in the receiving mode to create or to discover new solutions.

The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda contains systems for managing every aspect of our lives and highlights the importance of balance through our very lifestyle choices: diet/digestion, mentality, and self-care. The first most critical part of building immunity is our body’s ability to digest and excrete toxins, which is largely influenced by our diet. This book will review how we can increase our immunity by making conscious dietary choices, strengthen our digestion, and maintain a positive outlook, which is vitally important in these intense times.

This book is an offering from the heart to first say you have the power to be calm, healthy, and fulfilled, even in the most unpredictable situations. You have the power to maintain your own frequency at a high level which will enable your immunity and creativity, and you can share this empowerment with others too. You have the freedom to choose how to behave, how to be strong and lead by example for your children, family, friends, and community. It is vitally important that we maintain our health on all levels and to be present, to have the centeredness to listen to our higher selves, to remember the sacred at all times.

We will be focusing on immunity through all dimensions of being here, from our physical health to our mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic balance. This book is also a nod to the divinity within each of us, to remind all that we are stronger and more powerful than this dissolving system wanted us to know, which is also a great part of its collapse. Service to self systems, entities, and beliefs around such a low frequency state cannot be sustained at this high of a vibrational frequency. We have officially entered an era of global conscious co-creation with higher principles for the consideration of all of creation…”

Content supports those who are in the process of deprogramming their consciousness from the old paradigm and bridging from the old world into the New Earth higher frequencies. This transition is a process which requires whole new levels of mindfulness, care, presence and a LOT of energy or light. As the old dissolves we are entering a whole new energy which invites us to co-create our experiences with the universe as our partner. It is all new and so requires a lot of presence to encounter each aspects of being in this new energy in order to master our journey…

For those looking for a little jump start this manual  and guide Here is a great resource with suggested practices, superfoods, supplements. If you have been seeking this kind of information to support your next steps this ebook has been written with your personal empowerment in heart as we all are facing momentous new opportunities and potentials in a rigorous flow now.

This is a manual to support life as a spiritual being in the divine human experience shared from a multidimensional level, covering mystic wisdom for the Shift into New Earth.

Topics covered range from all of the physical experiences with the body and maintaining it as our sacred vessel, to our conscious relationships with time/energy/purpose/career/one another and lifestyle too in the New Light. All these from a soul-based perspective to give you a hold on the holistic innerstanding of the nature of reality and our bodies, as well as how to excel on all levels of this experience.

Frequency of Immunity guide highlights

Immunity as a multi-dimensional perspective meaning that we are truly sovereign beings and are not adversely influenced by anything external.

Vedic wisdom for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health

Time and energy

System shifts and how we adapt to all new

Self care

Resources to support your journey

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Wishing you the very best experience for your journey. Post 2020 we are in a very different and adventuresome world which requires a lot of mindfulness, faith, and above all things, Love.

In loving service,


Merissa Indigo

Founding Director Divine DNA Blueprint Mystery School

CAS1, CNA, CPT, RYT, Dove Oracle Priestess, New Earth soul consultant & Minister of Sophia Christ wisdom






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