Wow, these 444 codes came in swiftly and abruptly today 3/30/2020. I realized it was 4/4/4 this Saturday (also my two cats’ birthday) and started to tune into what this all means. This is what I have transcribed for all after sitting with these light streams in an oracular, receptive state. (Everyone can do this, its just deeply focused listening.) Phase one begins below, which is the culmination of all energies and re-wiring we have been embodying since January 11th 2020. Phase 2 begins with the energies of the 444 as outlined after phase 1.

When I tune in and see what I see or feel, the number 4 represents balance, equanimity, peace, abundance. I also resonate with it being the angel number representing the angelic realms/aspects of self/guidance. We are the earth angels, the galactic lightbeings here to spread beauty, joy, and freedom on Gaia. I see this 4 portal as an epic invitation to accept our angelic, divine DNA and to step up as angels, 5D+ creator beings of New Earth. We are the builders, creators of Heaven on Earth.  This 4 is a platform, a foundation for the entirely new reality to be built upon, like pouring the concrete of a house foundation.  It is also 4 three times, or 12, which is another sub-layer of our 12th dimensional divine human DNA templates. The 12th dimension is our highest current potential for ascension/embodiment as ascended master humangels.

Each of these stargate portal dates (1111, 1212, 222, 333, 444 etc) open up and collapses into another one; synchronized with cosmic and galactic tides they build up to one another as you see/experience on the spiral path/journey of evolution. This 444 gateway opens up a new layer of self-awareness that we must master in order to keep ascending to the next level, with the 12th being our embodied, ascended master state of BEing a divine, intergalactic human angel with diamond DNA. This is the initiation of our divine inheritance as Christed lightbeings in human form here on Earth. These organic ascension or evolutionary templates are codes of consciousness locked in our DNA memory which we open as we acquire deeper levels of self awareness, quantum unity consciousness, raising our frequency and being/sharing pure love as we open our hearts wider than we thought possible.

Cosmically there is a great deal happening with our Sun/Solaris, all the planets in our galaxy, the galactic center and more. The energies of Capricorn encourage us to build new structures of integrity, inclusivity and so forth, which are sustainable on all levels. Jupiter aids in the abundance of everyone as we collectively inherit our truth of living divine and free. Pluto provides the revolutionary self-discovery and transformation to create an entirely new life to match a new identity.

This time of the year aligns with the Easter energies, which contain strong ties to mother Earth goddess Gaia (Easter is named after Celtic mother Earth goddess Eostre) as well as the traditional Christian narrative of the Christ with the crucifixion and resurrection. This huge wave of Christos-Sophia/Gaia light pouring in gently nudges us to merge these two divine polarities of  the masculine and feminine/yin and yang to support our unification of these polarities or dualistic energies within. This Christ/crystalline energy is very prevalent right now for each of us to imbibe as sacred nectar, to celebrate the completion of the old, and to surrender all shadow and embrace love light. Thus we see here  pattern of the re-birth and sacred resurrection codes to create our very identity anew from within.  This is the prime essence of these 444 codes. 


Phase 1: Embodying the 222 codes and phasing in our aspects as master builders

In February we initiated our alchemical architectural plans for our lives by declaring ourselves as free and unified beings of love. We  started to own the desire to create from this aligned place of heart and soul instead of ego fear and we dug deep to keep holding this alignment with soul in order to navigate the chaos. The 444 is the build up, the second power, or doubling of the 222 energies of February which started to rain the master builder codes. We expressed our desires to create from this place of being master builders, to weave our dreams and desires from a state of inner peace/joy/gratitude, and for the harmony for all of creation too, as these architectural plans for reality. We implored cosmic law to once again be the divine grace for our planet and for all of creation to be provided for through their alignment with soul. This is a higher frequency way of being that declares all as equal, worthy, and holy on this abundant Earth. Abiding by cosmic law as creators who honor free will, we held the codes for a  peaceful transition by walking our talk, and asking that this be as easy for all as their as egos will allow into 5D and above. Now that the plans are in action, it is the time for drawing the blueprints with the codes of our higher self. These 444 codes are the next step to building New Earth through rebuilding ourselves.



As an image symbol representing this potential, I saw a huge, ancient wooden door that is very inviting, beckoning with a pure energy of renewal and freshness for us at this time. This energy came in and through during the Equinox on the 19th of March, and it is here for good.  It is a portal to New Earth, to a 5D way of life which is based upon love, integrity, generosity, gratitude, freedom, paradise and respect. This is the invitation to return to Lemuria, pure Atlantis, 5D, heaven on Earth, Terra Nova, the Golden Age. Whatever you want to call it, these paradise codes are here for us…We are invited to enter this door if we are willing to accept the mastery and responsibility it takes to create with awareness and honoring all others along with self.

There is ample support at this time, provided in the waves of cleansing photonic light which scoop up all fear, shadow, and ancient beliefs to be released. We have been and are continually being invited to use this time the last few weeks for self-reflection and self-evaluation to assess what we fear, what shadows need to be cleared. What are all of our beliefs for all aspects of life? Where are our limits for what is possible, and are they dogma, or are they your own? All of March has initiated the great Purge, going within to align ourselves and purify any old/limiting beliefs as the utmost priority right now. 5D is an open heart, pure love frequency of BEing, so right now is THE moment now to clear out fear, or any of the subtle programs where we gave money all the power to rule our sense of self, security and more. Before, we paid for our money with our soul. Now as conscious builders of New Earth, we are supplied and provided for through being aligned with our soul. There is no more room for the ego based expressions of judgement, fear, blame, victimhood, service to self factions, any of those false identities here. The keys to the door of 5D and Beyond are those of the sacred: pure love, kindness, generosity, and so forth.  You are an angelic being of love, abundance, and paradise, no longer any of the small powerless stuff, none of the slave stuff, or the old story/identity/attachments. These are all the most deep components of our awakening journey, as we remember who we truly are and release that which we are not.



This is our most important mission to then contribute for the betterment of all as a master here.  What you do for yourself you do for others. As you release fear, pain, suffering, trauma, judgement, illness etc. you assist others in doing this, you help the planet do this, other time periods and lineages too. This is the process for us to graduate to living mastery as ascended masters, which then enables us to create and wear our energetic crowns as divine beings. This is our divine destiny, our human potential, our divine DNA blueprint codes. These are the gift of this 444 gateway, our complete graduation of unity with our angelic self based upon our commitment to embodying cosmic christ-consciousness in the qualities of our words, thoughts, emotions, actions, focus and more. I believe these are the higher dimensional 12D codes of the Corona Virus, as Corona means crown.

We are HUmans, sons and daughters of Golden Source Love Light. This is an initiation to continue to purify old beliefs and fears which may arise as we are presented with the ability to change our entire life into our wildest, most precious dream of a life. The Utopia we always pined for is here now, we just have to be willing to say yes, and know and allow yourself to have it, AND take the initiative to make the changes necessary to do so. Utopia is real, it is 5D earth, which is a SOULFUL way of BEing as opposed to egoic.

For many these are times which trigger old traumas for us to integrate and heal as we practice blind faith in the divine. As all falls away we must hold to our faith/love/light inside, and witness the changes. Your life will change for the better as rapidly as you can remain consistent with love and faith, kindness, over fear. This does mean we doot have fear or witness the ego,it means we consciously witness our process with divine neutrality/compassion, and choose to rise above as an angelic being. We must focus on freedom, inner peace, detachment from what isn’t truly needed/what does not really serve the highest, being kind and of service to others. While we do this we must simultaneously watch where we place our focus: is it on fear and are we giving our power away to something outside of our own guidance/intuition/higher self/soul? whatever is false/not aligned with your divinity will leave, and this applies to false beliefs, ways of being, people and relationships, careers and so on. This is also the time of major reveals, so it is best to keep an open mind that is flexible to seeing through a new light, otherwise your ego will make this very hard indeed with its definitions, expectations, categories, descriptions and the like. 

This is the time to practice energetic immunity from outside influence and hold what is true and sacred for you as well. These very times have been described as intense biblical times, and I think that is accurate to describe the ancientness and depth of the inner work which we are being asked to complete now. Collectively and individually we are being forced through our circumstances to be present, peaceful, trusting, kind, loving and grateful. Watch the saviour programs coming up right now, the victim stuff, the unworthy stuff, and the toxic empathy programs. These are all coming up collectively to be purged as they are all based upon ego. You can honor another person’s belief systems/their reality while holding your own; this is the lesson of abstaining from judgement whether for self or others.

With this global quarantine we are gifted the opportunity to re-prioritize what is important to us. Now we are exercising more, spending more time outdoors and with family. We are being encouraged to detach ourselves from the old financial system and to trust a new one that we do not yet know WHILE we birth it. And we are continuously being bombarded with the opportunities to choose a new idea, a new belief, a new liberation from the old. It is intense! But this is the fullness, the multi-dimensional understanding of deconstruction for reconstruction. These are the pristine, powerful re-birth energies for Gaia and all of creation now, for us to align so we can live divine, sovereign and free. 

We are gifted with so very much right now. An abundance of time never experienced before! Quiet and peaceful drives in the car. Fresh air and water. Birdsong and natural noise taking over the din versus a freeway. The ability to focus more on our bodies/health, and being outside. Simple pleasures like gardening, cooking, artistic activities, playing board games and cards. Loving connections with neighbors, family, friends, and strangers too. Opportunities to be kind to others and be there for one another, to lead by example or set an example, and to share resources, kindness, or insight. Opportunities to connect and witness miracles of being as three more toilet paper rolls are shared with you right in the nick of time. Slowing down and seeing how much there is to be grateful for in the immediate moment, whether it be shelter, company, food, toilet paper, or your heartbeat. For the first time, we are not allowed to be ruled by money, and are experiencing other motivations that are so much more pure, fun, and productive to indulge. Especially as the systems in place are collapsing and therefore the rules do not apply anymore. We cannot “get in trouble” for not abiding by the rules because we have been asked to ignore them literally and go inside as a global society; they do not apply anymore. This can be awesome and enjoyable, or hell. You decide.

Phase 2: Embodying the 444 codes as conscious creators through the Dreamweave and our coronation initiation ceremony

Once we are clear enough and have purged enough we can then begin to focus on the love, the gratitude, simple pleasures, and we can start to get the itch to create something. We finally can start to get to the fun creator-BEing stuff! This is the ultimate reward for our hard work and dedication. It is time to implement phase 2 of the Dreamweave, actively participating in this conscious creation role. (More about the DREAMWEAVE role here)

The energies here are all about Spring, re-birth, empowerment, health, abundance, balance, the divine union or holy marriage/hieros gamos of consciousness within of your feminine and masculine aspects, a revolutionary way of living which serves all involved, a renaissance, a resurrection of purity and simplicity. This is the opportunity to resurrect yourself, your identity, your beliefs, your entire life. This is the coronation, as we graduate to conscious creator beings of love and purity here. This is where we enter a new phase of existence with conscious clarity to participate in the Dreamweave as conscious creators with integrity, courage, and purity of heart.



The Golden Age is upon us now, we can do so much with the potentials we are being offered now if we can exercise the ability to choose mindfully and consciously. Many of us already live in 5D as we make it a conscious choice daily. It is accessible to everyone willing to raise their love frequency and practice their self-mastery. The Utopia we all desire to create NOW existed many times before for many different civilizations, and it exists NOW for us to choose to live. 

This beautiful gateway is an opportunity for all of us to focus our conscious intentions on creating New Earth together. This is the portal for the collective and individual to Dreamweave our realities; consciously, mindfully imagining realities together which are based on the highest pure love, divinity, peace and such frequencies of harmonious heaven on earth for all of creation and ourselves too. We literally weave energetically with our dreams and horrors too if we create unconsciously through fear. This is the divine creator principle. We create for ourselves and with the divine on behalf of our self and dreaming for others to be fulfilled and happy, free. This is a micro/macro view to create on both these levels at the same time, and to do so from the most beautiful, magical perspectives aligned with the divine which honor the cosmic laws of free will as well.


Our Christ Consciousness coronation initiation

This sacred 444, 04/04/2020(40) is a portal inviting us to don our crowns as conscious creators, walking with the divine all day and night. We can achieve New Earth for ourselves immediately by slipping into the vibrational frequencies of 5D.

Everyone gets to come to 5D, it is just a matter of working for it by prioritizing the sacred, clearing fear, being grateful, open-hearted, kind to self and others. Surrendering ego constantly until we embody our soul and it has the most consistent presence in our lives. Learning to perceive through the heart mind instead of the linear mind. 

These energetic invitations will continue to increase for each as is needed to learn to drop/surrender the ego/fears/programs/duality within. The stronger the ego, the harder the lessons to snap you awake and out of hypnosis.

We are constantly being initiated to unity consciousness within, it is just a matter now of our consistency with our efforts to determine our entrance.

The 444 window is part of the increasing frequencies of energy which started on the Spring Equinox of March 19th (northern hemisphere) which will keep peaking daily through Easter, April 12th. As we get closer to Easter we also get more in touch with the ancient christed energies of our sacred hearts as we approach the codes of the resurrection.  This 444 is the initial invitation to cleanse, love and laugh harder, take care of self and others, to then resurrect into a christed King or Queen of the Golden Age.

Enjoy this energy for all it provides as much as you can. Be brave, humble, grateful and consistent with your compassion for self and others. Dig deep into yourself with courage to face all inner demons and shadows, love them and release them. Spend tons of time out in nature however possible. Even in the throes of the collective and individual dark night of the soul experiences we do know there is light at the end of the tunnel, we do know that we are being made stronger and more beautiful, more full of light and pure love. We are seeing seeds of the generosity of New Earth all around, and actively participating in a heart-centered compassionate experience with others locally and globally. We would not be here if we could not handle this. As such it is a beautiful blessing, an honor to be here to witness the birth of New Earth together through our present, sacred co-creative abilities. Breathe the breath of life and keep going forward.


Merissa Indigo

I am recording an audio track which is a guided meditation for your coronation ritual. It is a quantum light activation if you wish to purchase and download. Coming soon <3






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