Welcome to our February monthly circle of 2024! Here we honor the Way of the Rose and create a sacred nourishing space to explore feminine mysteries with the Rose Council of Mother Mary, Yeshua, the Magdalene, Mother Isis, Archangel Michael, Archangel Ariel, St Joan of Arc and the Sophia Seraphim holy fire angels. This is your sacred charging station lighthouse to illuminate, energize and align each month to feel connected, empowered, receive clarity and raise your frequency in the temple of Divine Mother and the Rose path ascended masters. The Rose Circle Lighthouse is a monthly sacred ceremony with group activation, energy clearing and empowerment atunement to align deeply with our hearts, bodies and integrate more of the sacred teachings of the Way of the Rose into daily life. We meet around the New Moon each month to utilize the divine feminine power of Divine Mother through the lunar cycles and make the most of the available energies of releasing the old and welcoming in the New. The intent of this space is to assist you to access your divine sovereign wisdom and open to receive downloads from your Soul to easily navigate your journey for 2024 and Beyond!

This month we are together in sacred community circle on the New Moon and will explore the energies of the Chinese New Year which is the Wood Dragon. We will be working with the Dragons of the Emerald Ray that Merissa has met in Mount Shasta and locally where she lives in the Olympic rainforest and islands of the Pacific Northwest. These are sacred guardians of the Earth and work with the ley lines, crystalline grids and the elementals to hold higher frequencies on the planet and in the collective heart grids or Akash. These divine earthly dragon energies are a direct connection to Divine Mother Sophia and supply our kundalini life force energy. They are powerful allies to assist us to remember how our lightbodies work, how to connect more with the divine energies within our bodies to raise their frequency and how to live as energy or divinity, lightbeings in form again. Together we will go in depth on how to stabilize and slow down within during the massive influxes of energy and light and not feel carried away, overwhelmed or ungrounded with so much change.

Experience a deep clearing with Amethyst Violet Fire & White Flame Holy Fire reiki to release more of the old paradigm. Experience a powerful activation of the holy womb chakra which is our connection to Divine Mother Source. Merissa is a holy womb chakra activator and will use mantra sound technology to activate this sacred holy womb chakra. This month we activate further connection with the sacred Dragon allies of the Earth or Terra Nova Gaia to reclaim our divine mission, our higher self aspects, our bodies and explore how to integrate these in fun ways from a unified state of Being into our world.

Explore new dimensions of divine feminine mysteries to embody the sacred codes of the serpent Kundalini through the female body from Merissa’s Sophia Immersion master class.

More fascinating wisdom we consciously explore

Self-love, time expansion, sacred rituals, personal boundaries

Living as energy, confidence, self-love, dragons, dakini muse creativity

Spiritual growth, energy balance

Conscious lifestyle choices, New Moon in Aquarius, divine dance of deprogramming, the breakdown breakthrough tower moment process

Uranus codes, breakdown breakthrough, tower card cycles, energy waves

Unity Consciousness, inner evolution, coherence, personal growth

Balsamic moon phase for conscious evolution, new moon energy, self-love mantras, quantum spirituality

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