Welcome to the November Quantum energies podcast!

Here we discuss the energies and opportunities of November, focusing on the theme of transformation and the importance of deprogramming oneself. The 1111 gateway brings us to the halls to embrace change, practice trust, and surrender. We go on depth sharing the significance of the number 11 and parallel realities, as well as the concept of the “mirror verse” where external experiences reflect internal beliefs. The energies this month highlight the importance of exploring the subconscious and clearing our ancestral programming.

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Upcoming events and resources this month to support your personal growth

Ancestral Clearing & Quantum DNA Activation w Epigenetics Weds November 15th $33 webinar (replay available after live broadcast)

Halls of Amenti Akashic Record Exploration with the Golden Unicorns Weds November 29th $33 Live webinar (replay available after live broadcast)

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