Galactic Commander’s Helmet & Skull Silver Rainbow Ice Andara crystal skull Altar piece 545g



This andara lightbeing is a very powerful piece for going to the depths of soul and galactic timeline merging with the angelic grace element of such pure, bright loving support. A silver andara with bubbles, fractals, mirrors and rainbows to take us to such deep inner worlds buried within the DNA and various lightbraries of accumulated soul fragments from so many aspects of being, lives of experience with pure diamond rainbow frequencies to surround us though this.

This ally is a truly incredible Portkey to learn about, work with, heal or release, activate divine DNA from multiple Christed rainbow diamond light galactic lineages.

Shape is a helmet and crystal skull inside with half of an intact face, eye and crystalline brain which morphs depending upon which angle you work through. Literally each angle mirrors one of our own inner angles. Supports reviews of personal and collective galactic history, connecting with star lineages and clearing out galactic painbody cords/distortions/shadow/leaks.

Has a highly developed right brain in the back of the andara skull with rainbows which is indicative of creator beings level consciousness, shares access to these codes. Supports brain hemisphere synchronization and development of homo luminous connector/receptors in corpus callosum/golden bridge.

Crystalline silver avians, white silver lyran, commanders of multiple lineages to connect with. Also to purify any karma we participated in at any time with distortions of power, domination, control or creative power/life force energy, or traumatic violence in general.

Supports clearing soul traumas from galactic chaos, time war imprints, and corrupted or imbalanced shadow warrior into pure power, wisdom and love. Very powerful to clear divine masculine distortions and create the hieros gamos or sacred unity within of the divine feminine, masculine and pure creation aspects of self here NOW in the body/mind/soul.

Rainbow and cat’s eye rainbow fractals through out the piece to purify these deep galactic distortions we have within or been exposed to with pure rainbow diamond frequencies. All is brought up to be seen and integrated with high frequencies of pure divine love. After showing us experiences, memories to clear we access creator beings consciousness codes from the clarity which is the reward for purification or expansion of consciousness and heart.

545 grams


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