Silver Cosmic Ice Andara crystal Altar piece 732g


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Since I was little, I always dreamed of a cosmic ice to hold which would not melt and would be a literal chunk of solid light to enjoy. This silver piece came in answer to these wishes to transfer so much awesome code! Shared below…

This piece is a hunk of crystalline rainbow plasma, serves as a time piece and cosmic Akashic computer chip key.

Access Akashic library or lightbrary on multiple levels (individual, ancestral, human multiple collective bandwidths, elemental, galactic, angelic, universal, creator beings, crystalline plasma essence pre-formation and the various timelines of each)

So much wisdom held in the fractals which are portals to plasma information or lightcodes.

Rainbow silver fractals

Silver Ray of divine grace

Elemental wisdom of water, ice, glaciers as memory and lightbraries to access higher realms through the physical world

Hall of mirrors reflects divine consciousness and all the creator codes your frequency can access.

Divine consciousness, unified field, amplifies frequency immensely and is powerful for remembering how to access divine information through the zero point access.

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