Star Child Anointing Blend ~Organic Essential Oils blend to anchor your sacred starbeing with your soul



Aromatherapy made with a multi-dimensional perspective in heart, to suit the kaleidoscope magic of Living an awakened Life.

This particular blend is to enhance the rollercoaster of being a spiritual being in a human experience when we may not initially have felt at home here. Whether on Earth, in a body, or as a human being as defined by society, most if not all of us have had quite a time getting comfortable and truly rooting into the experience here. Another way to explain this may be our human ego identity being afraid of or in some sort of conflict with the galactic aspects of self. Many of us are starpeople, starseeds or starbeings who came here to support the shift of this beautiful planet.  As such, thriving in a foreign planetary density and shifting it into a higher one as a soul mission is an intense experience. We are constantly remembering, deprogramming, expanding and anchoring the energies through the body too. Starbeings can appreciate some Gaian support through the plant kingdom to feel safe, to embrace our bodies and our creative potential, to deeply trust ourselves/our mission and the magic here and now.

This blend has been intuitively put together to support feeling strong, inspired, and focused to enjoy the experience here, to enjoy one’s self as precious and to feel confident going forward on the path.

The magical flowers and tree resins of the plant kingdom used in these exquisite oil blends immediately connects us with one whiff to the Earth Mother, to our inner strength and peace, and to the divine as well. This particular blend has multiple levels of energetic action:

Grounds us deeply within the heart and connects us to our focus while expanding us into the heavenly realms, all through our magical sense of smell.

The alchemy of this blend…

The Sophia, Marys and Magdalena Lineages are present with the White & Pink Bulgarian Rose. Soothes and nourishes all the Hearts (Heart, Higher Heart, Sacred Heart Flame, Tube Torus MonoHeart)

Divine Mother, Avatars from the East come through the White Lily (Durga Ma, Kwan Yin, White Tara, Parvati)

Australian Sandalwood connects us like the scented beads in a mala to the sacred archetypal ministry of the ancient lamasary in Tibet and yogi avatars of the Himalayas, Kailash, the Jungles and the Aboriginals in Australia as well who sing and meditate the dreamweave into Being

Divine Heavenly Father, God consciousness through Sacred Frankincense

Earth Mother, Tara, Terra Nova holding us and supporting our nervous system us with Blue Tansy

Archangel Michael of unconditional Love, Joy, Beauty & Light through the White Angelica

All oils blended by hand in organic sunflower oil. This formula is 100% organic, not tested on animals, ethically sourced and free from hexane. Each bottle has a Holy Fire Reiki infused crystal inside chosen uniquely for each client.

Roll on bottle to dab your 3rd eye, crown, wrists, heart center, and the chakras in hands/feet. Anoint self and others in prayer, meditation, creative pursuits, out in nature, before yoga, the options are as infinite as you are.





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