2nd 6.6.6 portal today πŸ’ŽπŸ”₯
Diamond clarity, truth cuts through deception like a precision laser. Prisms in the dark mire πŸ™πŸ’Ž
Diamond light is a deep penetration to the core essence of All. Nothing escapes this, so it can definitely trigger or magnetize shadow elements to rise up. That’s the point though, see it, love it, it dissolves.
Lightworker are also shadow workers, seen in the yin yang ☯️ transmissions. We pull the Christed light in and through by shining ✨ truth on all we see. Not for the faint or bypassers. Evil does exist in the lower realms, and each has to own their power and pull it away from these systems as an individual part of the awakening journey. This is how we access “higher,” by seeing and pulling out to disempower “lower.”
While we don’t feed/give energy/give power away to what is dissolving, witnessing distortion is an important process to clear it out from within. So crucial to distinguish conscious witnessing from bypassing or parasitic addiction to negativity without presenting solution. These are all separate streams of consciousness being. Many look down upon others who do shadow work, professing to be above that “low vibe” or “3d” work. To them I say Hi, your ego is showing, now let’s get into solution rather than projection or persecution of others which is a refraction of self. Fragility is an illusion too, you are Diamantine not twigs. Narcissism doesn’t want to see itself but thats too bad. We are here to resolve and evolve. Hierarchy is another trap.
Pro tip: if you haven’t processed it then its a necessary part of the journey. Denial is bypassing self and evolution. If you have already processed alllllllllllll the distortion from every timeline (highly unlikely save for a few individuals, and saints etc on Earth at this time) then carry on in 12d, 13d level plasma pre form creating.
Welcome the Diamond Christed dialog into your reality to perceive all clearly with a pure, penetrating power. To create consciously instead of unconsciously. Diamond light doesn’t BS, and neither will we. Rise and shine ✨ πŸ’Ž

In loving service,
Rev. Merissa Indigo Miracles


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