3. Ayurveda Follow-up Appointment



The 1.5 hr follow up appointment will review how well the protocols worked for you, what challenges, discoveries or questions have come up in that time and give suggestions to update the health plan. Typically to check in once a month or every few months, or seasonally once holistic balance is restored through a customized program.

Results come with time, so it is suggested you try a plan for 6 weeks (while making weekly changes as needed,) to see the shifts in your body, mind, emotions and soul.

After 6 weeks it can possible to then have appointments every other week or as sporadic check ins once balance is fully restored and you feel confident to handle the elements in life on your own.

*Once purchased Merissa will email you to schedule the session time and send you the paperwork to fill out. Please email merissaindigo@gmail.com if you have not heard back within 24s hours to schedule. Merissa is located at Pacific Standard Time.


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