Welcome to our first monthly circle of 2024! Here we honor the Way of the Rose and co-create a sacred nourishing space to explore feminine mysteries with the Rose Council of Mother Mary, Yeshua, the Magdalene, Mother Isis, Archangel Michael, St Joan of Arc and the Sophia Seraphim Holy Fire angels. This is a monthly group temple space of the Way of the Rose. Each month we share ceremony, an activation with holy Fire reiki energy clearing and empowerment attunements of various codes to align deeply with our hearts, bodies and integrate more of the sacred teachings of the Way of the Rose into daily life.

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This month in January we will focus on the New Year energies at hand and embracing even more of the New sacred commitments to living New Earth daily: New beliefs, self-care, rituals, opportunities, creative expressions, communication styles, energetic boundaries and more. Welcome in a new level of working in divine partnership or co-creatorship with more of your mastery aspects of Higher Self Soul or I AM presence as we go deeper into the Art of Receptivity. We must balance the feminine and masculine aspects and ways of being within to feel more aligned, balanced and in divine connection.We will share the Rose Codes and the activations of the great softening open of our hearts which is the next phase of our ascension journey of awakening. This is a softening open and gentle BEing place of existence. The celestial crystal dragons of the pure pearlescent pre-form plasma realms have brought forth an activation for us to work with the dragon pearls of manifestation and exercise our abilities as conscious creators working with the energies of Father Mother God to create and receive from pure love. Be prepared for a ceremonial space in this sacred Way of the Rose Temple with a candle or incense and having spent 5 to 15 minutes in meditation or a calming breath practice to make the most of the deep frequency this Rose container cultivates in the Sacred Heart.

The celestial crystalline dragons of Divine Mother started to come through in November of 2023 to show us how to work with alignment of realities through the Art of Receiving Realities. Enjoy their wisdom and activation to step into greater abundance and allowing yourself to naturally receive the codes of Divine Receptivity or living our life from an expanded, flow state of receptivity through creative impulse. We are exploring pure divine power in this Art of Receiving and diving deeply into the sacred feminine codex of receiving our realities through our heart frequency of pure intention, pure love and magnetism.

Enjoy the activation with the Dragons, the golden infinity loop dreamlight weaving practice to balance and connect our chakras and some lovely group connection afterwards with cosmic Q&A with Merissa Indigo and the Rose Council.

Replay now available! Register here for immediate access only $33


Some of what we covered in this powerful sisterhood circle

  • Learn, practice and master the techniques to stabilize frequencies, including grounding, breathing, and energy clearing exercises

  • Learn and regularly perform the reclamation of energy exercise to consolidate scattered energy

  • Activate your sacred divine nada bindu holy womb chakra for healing and energy rejuvenation.

  • Employ the holy fire Reiki and the violet flame to clear old energy and invite new opportunities

  • Enjoy this guided meditation to explore the Galactic center for guidance on establishing a support council

  • Dragon’s breath activation to melt away shackles which represent any limiting beliefs, emotional negativity, or walls of separation from living your divinity! Practice the Dragon’s Breath to assist in breaking old programming, illusions, distortions, separations, and limits

  • Meet your personal Crystalline Dragon ally

  • Energy medicine techniques of the masters: Incorporate iridescent colors into stickers, clothing, or other personal items

  • If you do session work with other people, learn these healing elements to incorporate into your sessions

  • Update your reality! Write your new minimum tolerance level, outlining non-negotiables you will no longer settle for in your life as we embrace the New Era. Learn how to break down your life into four main categories – health, wealth, relationships, and career – to have a complete picture of your life experience

  • Lifestyle changes to meet the new light: Communicate your needs with others in your life in a way that they can understand and doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings

Replay now available! Register here for immediate access only $33




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