I invite the full social, cultural, technological, agricultural renaissance of the highest light, creativity, art, health and beauty for all.

✨I feel a change in the ether. More and more people are ready to be the change, to start sharing their dreams, visions, inventions. To come together and build a whole new paradigm whose foundation is the essence of integrity, beauty and wholeness.
✨We have always had access to a higher way of being so to speak, as this gate to higher potential opens when our heart opens. It is a choice point, a coordinate we can align with in each moment by choosing mindfully where to go with any given subject, encounter, initiation. We can always choose what feels the best, what feels right, listening to our soul’s whispers. Now more than ever it is the time to remember this option. It transforms from an option or a notion to a way of being as neural pathways are updated, the past is transcended and we align to our most pure, enlightened identity more permanently. It is a process but we can build more each day to living this fully. New Earth is the opposite of the old paradigm. New Earth is sacred, it is our collective dream of a world filled with peace, beauty, unconditional love, ease of life and the essence of thrival living where no one goes without. All have access to abundant resources and all live their lives on purpose in divine creation and harmony. It is Heaven on Earth and we have the ability within our loving hearts to bring this forth now, live here and create entire new systems. Why fight the old and waste our precious energy and visionary capacity when we can just build all new from a high placed of integration, inclusivity, wholism, integrity, gratitude, tenderness, patience.
What do you feel called to build? Often it comes from our own experience where we become experts from our own life, the ultimate education as self-gnosis and self-realization.
✨I have been working behind the scenes for decades on multi-dimensional education for children and adults to connect deeply with themselves, structures for a tribal council element to replace the current government systems at various levels, and systemized innovative health & longevity solutions through my own childhood healing journey and miraculous recovery from serious illness through the power of my mind/energy/choices/herbs. I receive these ideas from my own personal wrestling with these experiences, in visions and dreams, and then allow the further development of them to become more tangible from an operations point to implement them.
✨ We are ready. We came here for this momentous time to contribute innovations of the most incredible holistic brilliance imaginable.
💎 I invite the full social, cultural, technological, agricultural renaissance of the highest light, creativity, art, health and beauty for all.
In loving service,
Merissa Indigo✨

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