12:12 Gateway 2019 Plasma Transmission

we are now officially OUT OF TIME.  This is a soul stream transmission received at 8:37 am today, November 20th 2019. 12.12.12 plasma stream 7 years anniversary of the
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11:11 Gateway 2019 Plasma Transmission

  This is a soul stream transmission received at 11:22 am today, November 9th 2019.   The 11:11 Gateway is an invitation, an initiatory invitation to self-mastery. I see
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Spiderwebs -symbolic gridwork, an invitation to conscious creation

The spider messengers first visited us in July. It was the peak heat of summer this year, the kind of intense heat that stretches mercilessly from early morning to
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What is an oracle in the modern age? Owning your natural telepathic abilities

What is an oracle really? In ancient days this was a holy person, (usually priestess women during the matriarchy until the paradigm shifted into the priestly patriarchy,) who could
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